“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.” 
Steve McCurry

What is Blissful Snapshots?

Blissful Snapshots is a personal lifestyle blog for traveling shuttermoms (or basically anyone who can relate) who love to capture adventures and memories through creating photos and telling stories. This is a creative space where travel, photography, and motherhood intersect.

In the process of taking, creating, and sharing photos, it is also my aim to be socially aware of the larger world we are a part of, and hopefully be able to communicate that social awareness to everyone, and to use photos and snapshots as a way to add significant value to the community and the world.

That might sound too deep but really, I just want to inspire (hopefully!) you to create something relevant. This blog has evolved a lot so you can find a bunch of things here but mostly, I write about my experiences as a married mom who travels solo or with friends because I realize a lot of moms are hesitant to do that. Check out my Hey Mom! category if that's kinda your cup of tea.

I chose Blissful Snapshots as my blog name because I love the meaning of bliss, and I love taking snapshots and creating photos to document my real no-strings-attached adventures in life so if there's a way I could combine them both then I'd be the happiest! 

What do you get from reading Blissful Snapshots? 


I consider this blog my creative space where I can share my thoughts and questions about photography and everything that revolves in and around it. Thus, this is not where you can get hard-core and super technical photography tips. I've been a shutterbug for as long as I can remember and been using my mobile phone camera through the years but I recently just got a DSLR (April 2016), which I really don't use that much, lol. 

My mission? Shoot to Feel! Because for me, it's not just the technical aspects of photography that matter, it's about the experience too - the experience of being in the moment, may it be stellar or ordinary. And most importantly, it's not just about taking photos, it's more of creating photos and making them your own. 


Adventure, to me, is subjective. Some days, my adventures are as simple as dining at Jollibee with my little rock star eating spaghetti, french fries, and choco sundae because that's what makes him happy. Or walking with my husband to the nearby 7-11 to get some late night snacks. Or going to the bookstore alone to get consumed by the smell of books.

There are also days when my adventures involve going to beaches, mountains, and also places unimaginable like the dirty but interesting streets of my town and city. It can be anything that makes me truly happy and thirsty for more!

On this blog, photography and adventures (+motherhood) go hand in hand. I want to show you that living an adventurous life doesn't only mean traveling around the world or doing extreme sports or adventures, although it could be and there's nothing wrong with that if you have the means to do so. 

And that even though you don't have the most expensive camera or gadgets, you can still take the best photos of your life adventures that you will forever cherish and love, at the same time inspire people to use photos meaningfully. 

So it's safe to say that this is not a hard-core travel blog where you can find detailed tips & itineraries (although I do include some basic info of my adventures for the benefit of interested readers). I go on travel and adventures to learn, experience, and live the moment while at the same time capture photos, space, time, and beauty. 

If you wanna know more, scroll down... ;)

1. My name is Rea Alducente, 29, and a thriving millennial! I live in Cebu, Philippines but was born and raised in General Santos City. I’m a wife to my husband of 6 years, and a mom to Reiko – my 7-year old son whose name means love and gratitude.

2. I graduated with a degree in Communication Arts from the University of the Philippines with a major in Speech & Organizational Communication.

3. I worked as a Lead Trainer in a BPO company for 6 years and 8 months. Currently, I'm taking a break from the corporate jungle so let's just say I'm living my life as a millennial. ;) I'm the author of Call Center Ninja (my passion project).

4. I have a passion for happiness and living life to the fullest. I believe that happiness comes when we stop complaining and worrying about the things we cannot change.

5. I love food!!!

Chocolates. Pizza. Potatoes. Pistachio & Cashew Ice Cream, Cheesecake Milk Tea, Green Tea Matcha - these are some of my favorites.

6. Good music and good books make me happy. I love singing too! I love Jason Mraz songs and pretty much all feel-good songs. As for books, I'm currently loving Young Adults books. ;)

7. Invite me to an adventure and I'd most likely say yes. I love the mountains and the beach. I love going to places! Anywhere - even just in our neighborhood.

Blissful Snapshots

8. Writing is my passion. Thus, this blog came to life. I also love taking photos or snapshots. Thus, the blog name. I'm not a professional photographer but the mere act of snapping photos here and there is, for me, cathartic.

9. I'm obsessed with unique planners, organizers, journals, notebooks, fun post-its or notepads, colorful pens like Sharpies, and anything beautiful to scribble and write on.

10. I'm a total fan-girl. I love Leighton Meester especially in Gossip Girl and Jennifer Lawrence in whatever movie she has. I'm no fashion expert but I love the street style of Miranda Kerr.

I'm excited to get to know you better! Feel free to follow me on social media and let me know so I can follow you back. You can also contact me through rea@blissfulsnapshots.com or visit my Contact page for more information. Thank you again and hope to see you here every so often! Stay happy! xoxo ♥