#GoTheExtraSmile: Hapee Time for Reiko The Water Bender ♥


Not a lot of people know that Reiko's smile is so hard to come by. It always seems like there's a price to pay for smiling. I would often have a hard time asking him to smile in photos but I also don't want to force him especially when he already looks annoyed or tired.

It's not that he's sad all the time. He really just tries to hide his smile because according to him, "Mom, I'm shy to smile because my teeth are ugly." So I told him, "But you're only 7 years old! Your teeth will still improve. That's why I always tell you to brush your teeth, right?" 

He smiled. A little bit, but without showing his teeth. That was the best smile I could have but one that I would always treasure along with all his other half-smiles and a few occasional full-blown smiles.

And yes, this short video is a kid-friendly and entertaining lesson to share with him especially that we also use Hapee at home. Reiko's teeth are not rotten or anything like it because we've been very consistent with his brushing routine. It's just that his teeth are crooked or not straight which is pretty understandable considering he's still young and we can certainly have them fixed.

Even though Reiko's smile is so hard to achieve on a daily basis, there's one thing I appreciate about him. It's that it doesn't take something grand to make him completely happy. I'd like to believe that I'm raising him to be grateful and appreciative of the simple joys in life.

Hapee Time for Reiko The Water Bender
#TeamNoSmile? :D

We're not a rich family and so I want him to remember that as long as we are happy and healthy as a family, we don't need a lot of money. Just enough and some extra will do - although he sometimes still wishes he has a billion pesos so he could buy Roblox stuff (his favorite computer game). LOL 

Anyway, things have been quite exhausting in our household lately with Reiko going to school daily and coming home with three assignments every day, me working a full-time home-based job + side gigs, and my husband going back to a full-time job too. 

During the past few weeks, I've been wanting to go somewhere chill and relaxing. It was my birthday recently, and ever since I gave birth, my birthday is no longer just mine. I know it's my day but it has long been offered to my little family of 3 especially for Reiko because whatever makes him happy makes me happy too. I always plan my birthday based on what he likes. And I know what he likes!

Reiko must have been a "water bender" in his past life because any place that has a beach or a pool makes him really giggly and happy plus he feels like he can control the water! Below are past photos that show he's at his happiest when in the water.

Hapee Time for Reiko The Water Bender
Hapee Time for Reiko The Water Bender

So when I told him that we're gonna go swimming on my birthday, he was genuinely excited to the point of asking for the swimming pool photos every single day after school for a week. I willingly obliged, yup, anything for my his birthday. ;) I was so touched because he said, "I will always greet you a happy birthday, Mom." He was also the first to greet me as soon as he woke up when his eyes were barely open yet.

First, this was his reaction when I announced the staycation.

Hapee Time for Reiko The Water Bender

He's still a little shy here, but I'm not complaining. ;) 

Hapee Time for Reiko The Water Bender

Until he's all smiles! I know that he's once again in his happy place.

Hapee Time for Reiko The Water Bender

I didn't realize he can also be a vlogger. Here's a 7-second video that captured his excitement. Haha, so proud of this little ninja! ;)

It was a short staycation but one for the books, as always. Every single time we go swimming , it's guaranteed to be a great time even though Reiko and I don't really know how to swim. In fact, it's my foolproof way of giving him what he exactly wants and needs, and making him the happiest.

My dear Reiko, continue to show your precious smile despite the crooked teeth. I promise we will fix them so that you can soon confidently show the world your Hapee smile. Love, Mom

PS: I still love your crooked teeth smile and will love it forever. Don't forget to brush your teeth! 

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