6 Amazing States You Have To Visit In The USA

6 Amazing States You Have To Visit In The USA

If you’ve never visited America before it can be hard to know which states to visit first. With so many to choose from and each different in their own incredible way, the whole process can be pretty overwhelming. 

So, whether you’re visiting just one state on a one-off trip or touring across America and visiting as many as you can, here is a handy insider’s list of 6 amazing states you have to visit in the USA:

New York

New York state is probably the most obvious choice for someone has never visited New York before. With the amazing New York City standing proudly on the East Coast, this is a go-to break for America first timers. After all, who can resist the incredible shopping opportunities, amazing food and the history that New York City offers? 


On the complete opposite spectrum to New York, California is a must visit. On the complete opposite side of the country, this West Coast gem is a place that should be on everyone's list. From palm trees and beaches to Instagramable spots in LA - California is a great choice if you've never visited the states before. 


Again, Florida is another popular destination in America, especially as it is the home to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando. A great choice for families and those that love a stunning beach, Florida is more than just a trip to Disney

Whilst it is sometimes the main appeal, there are plenty of other activities you can do that don’t involve going to a theme park. So, if you’re looking to stay away from the madness that is Orlando, why not consider the Belmont Inn and Suites Port Richey?


Louisiana is the home of New Orleans, a destination that is popular among music lovers and those who like to party. With incredible bars, a great history and fascinating swamp lands - Louisiana could be a great state to visit on part of a longer trip to the states. 


The main reason people visit Nevada is for the City of Sin, Las Vegas. With incredible nightlife, rows upon rows of casinos, stunning hotels and all the shopping you could imagine - it really is the place to be if you’re looking for an amazing trip.  

For ideas of what to do on a trip to Las Vegas, you can visit this handy guide here


If you’re looking to visit a city but don’t fancy New York, Illinois might be a great choice. With the city of Chicago at its heart, you can experience American life on a smaller budget. Visit the Willis Tower, walk along Navy Pier and watch the Chicago Bulls win in their hometown. 

If you’re looking for things to do in Chicago, here is a guide that may help

What are your favourite states in America? Did I miss any off the list?  Let me know in the comment section below and maybe I’ll use them in my next post!

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