How To Enjoy New York City In 11 Streets

How To Enjoy New York City In 11 Streets

*This article is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. Photo by Chris Schippers from Pexels

“11? But New York is huge. There’s no way to have a good time at such a small number of streets.”

Are you sure? NYC is home to about as many sights and attractions as there are in one city. Maybe London comes close but America has always done things on a bigger scale than the Brits. Anyway, the point is that there’s a lot to do and restricting a visit to eleven streets seems foolish.

The thing is, there is so much to do that if you choose correctly you can fit in an array of sights and sounds. And, if you miss a few, at least you get to see “real” New York.

Time Square

Time Square is probably at the top of the list of world-famous New York attractions. When you think about it, it is some feat because there’s plenty of competition. Still, year after year, tourists flock there like they are going to be a part of a movie. Located on 42nd Street, it’s a fantastic place to start a trip and take in the scenery. Stand in the middle and try and comprehend the size of the skyscrapers as well as the crowds. Then, wander into a restaurant and pay over the odds for a burger and a beer. Perfect.

The Al Hirschfeld Theater

Approximately three blocks up on West 45th Street is the Al Hirschfeld Theater. Now, more charming and more famous buildings exist. In fact, we’ll visit another one in this post in a short while. However, what sets this out from the rest is what lies inside. For the rest of the summer and beyond, the Al Hirschfeld Theater will host Kinky Boots musical. The show brings together the working-class life with a splash of the big time, as well as Cyndi Lauper’s greatest hits. Considering it’s less than five minutes away, it’s well worth a visit.

Rockefeller Center

Almost everyone wants to go to the top of the Empire State. Maybe they think they’ll spot King Kong, or perhaps they are drawn by the history. Regardless, anyone who has scaled the Rockefeller Center will know that it’s the better skyscraper. Not to judge, but the view out over Central Park is stunning. Spanning over 3 km squared, you can get a scale of the size and beauty from the Top of the Rock. Plus, it isn’t as busy with tourists looking to snap away until their digital camera breaks. If staying inside is your thing, tickets for the “Tonight Show” are available.


MOMA stands for the Museum Of Modern Art. Standing on 53rd street, it has a collection of artwork that is almost difficult to believe. Lovers of art will likely compare it to the Tate Modern in London or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. But, those who think it’s pretentious will love the vivid colors and the creativity. For example, the MOMA has a Picasso exhibition as well as some of his most famous works.

What do you think now? Is it possible to have a great time on eleven streets?

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