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Uhm, yup. I mean NOT just girls for sure. Everyone wants to have funds. 

A lot of people say that money is the root of all evil. We hear that quite a lot. But I guess now we also already know that our attitude, behavior, and how we deal with money directly impacts how that money works in our lives. 

Ever since I started legit working at the age of 20, I've always wanted to save. But I've never really saved enough, and if you've read my previous Dear Diary blog post, you'll probably remember I mentioned that I want to save more this year and the years to come. It's never too late but it may be if I don't start now! I plan to do this by avoiding impulse buying and by living a more sustainable lifestyle. 

I've also mentioned that I've already deleted all shopping apps on my phone and have unsubscribed from all shopping email newsletters to avoid temptations and impulse purchases. So far, it has been successful - 50% OFF? 70% OFF? Nada. Whew, pat on the back for not giving in. 

I also told myself that I'm going to take advantage of any kind of education I can get about my finances - especially if it's free. So I attended the Let's Have Some Funds activity last Sunday courtesy of Sun Life Financial Philippines. This is not the first time I have attended their activity. Every time I attend, I always take away something new, and something to validate my financial decisions in life. 

Sun Life Financial Philippines

There were three sessions and I particularly chose to attend the second one with the topic GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUNDS. I felt so connected with the speaker, Ms. Kathryn Dawn Sy, even though I haven't really met her in person before and it's the first time I've heard of her. She's such a breath of fresh air and I have to admit that at one point during her talk, I was teary-eyed. 

She is only 28, already has successful businesses, and has savings. I felt goosebumps because what she shared was something that I would want to do for myself and with my life; probably would have wanted to do many years back but wasn't able to because I didn't have the business idea in mind. My mindset was work work work work work. 

I've only started having a business mindset recently - something that can make an impact on people's lives and something that can hopefully grow my savings account and passive income as well. 

To share with you the things I've learned from the talk, I will highlight the ones that I think really stood out and resonated with me. 

  • Measure every peso. Put a name to every peso you spend. - It's crazy because I've been doing this ever since and I thought that I'm just being too OC with it. I have come to realize that knowing where your money goes is a wise thing to do because you will know which part of your lifestyle you should adjust.
  • Don't just be a dream girl. DREAM, girl! - This means taking action. When you dream, it shouldn't just stop there. You should immediately create your action steps to achieve your goals and your dreams. 
  • Be a GOAL DIGGER. - Proud #GoalDigger here. ;) It's true, nothing great comes easy. You have to work hard for it. You will fail but you will get back up, move forward, and realize that success is not a one-time thing. It's continuously evolving as long as you are alive and breathing. 
  • Find the MEANS to have funds, know how to MANAGE those funds, DISCERN or recognize what you want to achieve, and ACCELERATE or keep your funds moving and growing. 

For me personally, I will continue to work hard on my dreams by taking action every day. I will invest in worthwhile experiences and investments. I will hustle, save money, and spend the rest on what my family and I need (and sometimes want), while at the same time pursue my passion and do what I love without feeling guilty. 


How do you plan to have fun while still having FUNDs? Or perhaps the other way around - how do you have FUNDS while still having FUN? :) 

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