Dear Diary 003: I'm On A Roll! I Guess?

I'm writing this on a Sunday afternoon while Reiko is watching Minions (is that the title of the movie?), and my husband is re-painting our bedroom walls white. I have done my fair share of painting - the doors, my desk or work table, and my work chair! I finally got to recycle an old desk we have here, and cleaned up space in our little house for my home office station. 

I originally wanted to have an entire room for my home office but I thought that I wanted the room to be Reiko's room instead. That's for when the time comes he decides not to co-sleep with us anymore. LOL. For now, it's a storage room. At seven years old, Reiko still loves to sleep in our bedroom. I'm not complaining though. He's growing up too fast and before we know it, he won't be hanging out with us a lot anymore. 

My life is as productive as it can get. I still have my full-time home-based online job but last year, I was able to negotiate my work hours to 6 hours daily instead of 8. I'm always working on my niche channel, making and editing videos, doing the social media stuff, creating my business model, still writing on this blog, plus recently, I just accepted an invitation to be the chairperson of Cebu Content Creators. Uhuh? 

On top of all those things, it's back to school in a week!!! Plus I'm fixing and organizing everything in this house. You can say I have time? I don't know how I do all these. I guess planning is the key. And breathing. And thinking of my vision and my future. 

AND DID I MENTION? I reached 1000+ subscribers on YouTube just yesterday! With 26 videos and in just 5 months! It's so crazy to know that it is actually possible. I'm so happy and overwhelmed every time I receive a comment or message that my videos have helped. I'm probably doing something right. Yasss! 


I paid all my credit card balances recently. Congrats to me and thank you. LOL. I'm also in the process of living a sustainable and minimalist lifestyle. I removed all shopping apps on my phone. I unsubscribed from all shopping newsletters. I've been watching YouTube videos about saving and investing. I vowed to stop being an impulse buyer. 

I unfollowed all celebrities and influencers who are constantly posting only material stuff and their too good to be true lifestyle. I have nothing against them, but when I see these people on my feed, I'd always wonder how they live such perfect lives, but at the back of my head, of course I know that social media is just less than 1% of their real life. I don't know where I got the 1% statistics. Haha, I just thought of it. 

Anyway, I can say that I'm not the materialistic type. Perhaps, at one point, I was a hoarder. I hoarded phone cases, books, cute notepads, notebooks, planners, Sharpies, brush pens, and art stuff. But I totally vowed not to buy again until after 5 years (?). Haha, but you get the point.

You can check my wardrobe and my closet, I can fit all my clothes and shoes in two suitcases, and go. I don't have the latest gadgets and I'm not attracted to them especially if I don't have money to buy and they're not my priorities. I settled with a middle-end kind of mobile phone and laptop that would serve their purpose. 

If you check my credit card account, you will see lots of grocery transactions, prepaid load, some more for groceries, stuff for renovating the house, and travel tickets to my hometown. I always pay attention to our expenses so I'd know if we're going overboard or not. 

But still, I think everything is not enough. I still want to cut down more of our expenses. I'm nearing 30 and I'm seriously considering getting another property and other investments. And save. Save. And travel. But only when I have money for it. LOL 

Anyway, I'm not making this entry very long because it's Sunday, and Reiko wants us to watch a movie together. So byerss for now! 

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