Dear Diary 001: Life Lately

I just spent a month in my hometown. It was a working vacation for me - if there's such thing. Also, this is probably the first personal post I've written since the end of last year. Yup, I kinda miss this. Very spontaneous. 

For the past few months, I've been posting sponsored posts and guest contributions just to fill the emptiness of my blog. I sighed at my domain fee increase but I still chose to renew it because even though I wasn't as active here, I still want to keep it. It's crazy how I struggled with finding my niche for so long, working so hard to be a credible source, or for my blog to be an authority on something. Why? Because that's the way to go if you want to level up your blogging, as they say. 

Somehow, I set my mind to maintain my own "photoblog". I learned photography but never really got good enough at it. Not enough for me to make it a source of income. Of course, it was because I couldn't find time to professionalize it. I couldn't put it on my priority list. And the only way to be better at photography (or any other things) is to practice and learn more, which I never really did religiously.

I got obsessed with Instagram. I wanted to grow my follower base because I wanted to use that platform for possible business opportunities. My Instagram has grown organically through consistent posting of photos during consistent times of the day. But that also meant that I had to up my photography game.. and my editing too. That also meant I got tired of it - and did not enjoy it anymore.

I love Instagram and when I wasn't enjoying it anymore - I stopped posting. I saw that my follower count decreased. My engagement and likes also significantly decreased. But obviously, that's to be expected. I also love photography and the art of taking photos but for a time, I also didn't enjoy taking intentional photos anymore. And by intentional, I meant going on photo walks or taking random photos just to practice. Suddenly, I didn't find time to edit photos anymore. It's sad.

I still want to create. I still want to blog about my travels but I don't want to travel and work. When I travel, I just want to travel and not feel like I constantly have to take photos or videos because I need to fill my blog with something interesting. I just want to blog and share my stories and photos because I love doing it!

I just want to vlog or take videos of my trips or random stuff because I want to and love to, not because I feel the need to update my page, my YouTube channel, or my blog for a certain audience or a certain brand or whatever. It's tiring. I just want to share things on my blog whenever I want to, and not because I have to consistently do it so that I won't be left out, etc.

But these things also meant that I can't expect my blog to grow and use it consistently for business opportunities or to earn money. I knew that for sure - being a blogger for so long myself, and having seen how blogging has become a tool to earn income in the past few years.

Of course, if you want to earn, you have to hustle and have a plan. I still want to have a niche website or platform, but I don't want it to be overly personal. So late last year, I started planning Call Center Ninja - my niche website. It was just an idea that I didn't think was actually possible but I knew I had to give it a try.

Here's what I really wanted: I wanted to have a niche platform where I'm confident of imparting what I know to other people concerned. I wanted something where I can really say "I have a solid experience with this." so let me help you. I wanted a platform where I won't hesitate in sharing what I know. And let's admit it, I wanted a platform where I can possibly earn extra income or maybe possibly be my full-time income stream in the future. Lastly, I wanted a platform I can enjoy that doesn't necessarily involve having to stress over posting or editing beautiful photos on the blog.

Hmmm, does that make sense? ;) I found all those things I wanted from Call Center Ninja. This is not to plug my channel because for sure, the audience of this blog is very different from my niche website. I originally planned to focus on the website and write high-quality articles. I did it for the first few months. But unexpectedly and surprisingly, I found myself making videos instead!

From the very first week of January, I vowed to publish one video every Friday and amazingly, I was able to do so until now! I even originally planned using Facebook as my main video channel but then over time, I'm gaining unexpected traction on YouTube so I'm using it now as my main channel. My channel is growing, the feedback is good, and the reception has been welcoming so far. Plus surprisingly, I actually enjoyed doing the videos and editing them!

I think I'm loving what I'm doing so far. It's a very focused niche but I like it because I know exactly who wants to watch my videos and who wants to learn from them. I can say that it's something I'm credible of doing because of my experience in the call center. Even though I hesitated with doing videos for so long because of my insecurities, I'm happy to say that I have somehow overcome the challenge of having to show my face to people - including strangers. ;)

Finally, I think I have found something I like where I can help people, and possibly, just possibly create a business in the future. I hope Call Center Ninja will turn out well. We shall see. ♥

Of course, it's not that I don't like Blissful Snapshots. This is still very me which is why it's ever-changing. What I don't like is the feeling of pressure when I cannot post because I didn't travel yet or I didn't take photos yet. You know what I mean? I mean how can I maintain a photoblog if I can't even put photography on my priority list anymore? I don't like that kind of pressure - that I have to take photos constantly just so I can update my blog. I want to take photos at my own pace and not stress over it. In short, I just want this blog to be personal.

I have to admit. I just want to write anything I want on this blog but probably more on being a mom who wants to share her travels and photos from time to time, as well as some personal things going on; throw in some sponsored posts here and there because let's face it - I need even just a few dollars to keep this site working. LOL


By the way, I deleted my "business" or blog profiles on Instagram and just retained my personal account. Maintaining several accounts is taxing! I want to live a peaceful life, haha. So I decided that my blogging stuff will be on my Facebook page and I just want to keep my Instagram my personal platform. I want to enjoy it again. 

And slowly now, I am back to enjoying Instagram and I'm glad that I don't feel sad anymore if there are unfollowers, or if my engagement has decreased. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I don't want to be constantly nagged in my head that I have to grow my Instagram for it to work. Whew! 

If you also notice, the title of this post is Dear Diary. I planned on making this a consistent thing because I truly miss enjoying the diary way of blogging which I'd say is the original form of blogging. You can argue if you want. Haha. I want to keep writing even though I'm already into video creation for my niche site.

I want to keep blogging without worrying about pageviews and stats, hits and misses, and without bothering to think whether I've written a short post or a lengthy one. So this is my way of keeping my writing spirit alive, plus I have my paper journal for more very private stuff that I don't wanna share. ;) 

Also, a few weeks back, my younger sister messaged me and said that she found my old diary when she was cleaning our old cabinet. It was the one I had back when I was in college. One of the many, I supposed. She told me that she cried so much when she was reading it, so I wondered what I wrote in that diary that made her cry.

When I went home, I saw the diary and re-read it. And yes, I cried too. Haha! I can't believe I was so diligent in writing back then. I was writing almost daily, if not daily! Maybe because I had less access to a computer and I didn't have a smartphone so writing on paper was the only way to go. So here I am writing this. Back to this.

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