Going On An Adventure When Funds Are Low

Going On An Adventure When Funds Are Low

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. 

Everybody wants to see the world, but not everybody has the money or time to do so. However, if you’re really desperate to go on an adventure then you shouldn’t let anything stop you in your tracks. Not even low funds are enough to stop you if you’re determined to explore and visit new places. 

Traveling the world doesn’t have to be quite as costly as you might imagine it would be in your head. Here are some pieces of travel advice that might just help you afford an adventure even if your funds are low.

Plan your trip.

First of all, you need to make a plan for your trip. Write down a figure for the biggest possible budget you could muster to get you started. You might be skeptical, but ensuring that the cost of your travel adventure falls within the limits of your budget might not be as difficult as you imagine. You need to make a list of all the destinations you want to visit and then do some online research into those places. 

We’ll talk about the ways in which you can reduce your spending whilst visiting destinations throughout this article. If you calculate the total cost for your adventure and it exceeds your upper budgetary limit then you might want to look into potential low interest personal loans that could help you to fund the rest of your vacation. Whatever the case, making a plan is the best way to ensure that you can afford your trip.

Going On An Adventure When Funds Are Low

Search around for accommodation.

When it comes to saving money whilst traveling, you should aim to keep your accommodation costs as low as possible. Don’t just book the first hotel that you find in that area. Do a little research online into your potential options. Hotels aren’t the only way to go. You could look into staying at a hostel, as that’s always a cheap and simple option for the traveler who’s only planning to stay in each destination for a short while.

Additionally, you could check out sites such as Airbnb, as the rooms up for rent on there are often equal (or better) in quality than most hotels and come at a fraction of the price.

Be flexible.

The best way to really enjoy an adventure without breaking the bank is to be flexible with your traveling experience. As discussed throughout this article, planning ahead is the key to affording your excursion. You need to be a little patient and accept that you shouldn’t always take the first option you find. 

For example, you might want to look into flights to certain destinations during the off-season because they’ll be far cheaper. You could book time off work during spring or autumn rather than summer, in other words. You’ll still get to visit the same fantastic place but save a lot of money traveling there.

Additionally, you should keep your needs to a minimum. Be flexible and relaxed on your travels so that you don’t waste a fortune on creature comforts. Enjoy museums, mother nature, and simple walks around the local town or city in the place you’re visiting; there will be lots of free ways to enjoy the places you visit on your travels.

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