What's Next For Blissful Snapshots in 2018?

What's Next For Blissful Snapshots in 2018?

It's almost 2018! How are you guys holding up? I cry! This year has gone by so fast pretty much just like every year had. Flashback to my previous post, I mentioned that I think I'm losing my blogging mojo once again. Yup, but if there's one thing I know about myself, it's that I never let anxiety or anything bring me down. 

I'm trying to overcome the blogging burn out by reading my goals again. I have them all written down on a handy journal, and it's nice that way because I can go back and re-read them when I feel like I'm drained or not motivated. I was able to blog and create contents for Blissful Snapshots every week this year, and I'm happy with my progress!

I've set out to another international travel last August, and although I'm not actively planning any travels next year, I do hope I can travel to anywhere, and have money for it! Ha! Cebu Pacific's piso sale has come and gone, and I attempted to book tickets to Taipei or Bangkok. It was actually the first time that I was able to get into their website on a piso sale! Normally, it'd be a wreck due to web traffic. 

What's Next For Blissful Snapshots in 2018?

I was already going to input my card information, then I decided not to book it, because #adulting! The fares might be cheap, but heck, how about my travel budget? I thought of my plans for the first quarter of 2018 - home renovations, paying off loans, plus have to go home to GenSan by summer. They're all gonna cost me some fortune. When I thought of those, I told myself "my travel plans can wait", and that my friend is adulting to the highest level. 

Next year, my power word is ACTION. Less talking, more doing. I have to take the steps, no matter how little, to achieve what I want in life. I also hope to apply that to my blogging career. Even though I've set out to focus on my new niche blog, I still have plans for this blog because this is my main personal blog, and I don't want this to be dormant. I wanna keep this alive! ;) 

As this is a year-ender post, I want to look back to some important things about Blissful Snapshots, and talk about what's new or what to expect in 2018. 

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What's Next for Blissful Snapshots

As I've mentioned, I still want to keep this blog alive even though I'm going to start really working on my passion project which is Call Center Ninja. It's very time-consuming to maintain one blog regularly. How much more if I have two? Still, I want to keep my personal stuff here. 

I actually re-arranged or revamped my blog categories if you've noticed on the nav bar. I added Musings and Hey Mom! as my attempt to give more personality to Blissful Snapshots. Through the years, I've struggled with focusing on a niche for this blog, not realizing that it's hurting my writing potential. 

I just can't super focus this blog because it's practically my lifestyle, so next year, I'm just going to break free, and write as much as I can on this blog, while also maintaining Call Center Ninja as my super niche blog. Owrayt enough of the word super, haha! 

What's Next For Blissful Snapshots in 2018?

So anyway, Musings will just be my personal thought bubbles, while Hey Mom! is something I want to incorporate, and it will be all about my travel life as a mom, or how it is to travel solo, and with or without my husband and my son. I thought of adding Hey Mom! because that's what I always hear Reiko say when he wants to say something to me. ;) 

I'm just going to continue whatever I've started, and hopefully be able to write as much as I can, and share photos too. But more than that, I also want to work on spending quality time with the people who matter to me without always posting those moments on social media. I have to learn to break away from the screen every now and then, and treasure the important moments without the pressure of sharing them to social media. And I think I did well in that aspect this year. 

To end this post, THANK YOU all so much for being with me in my blogging journey. Your support means a lot to me! Wish you all the best this 2018! Happy New Year! 

What's Next For Blissful Snapshots in 2018?

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