I Think I'm Losing My Blogging Mojo Once Again

I Think I'm Losing My Blogging Mojo Once Again

This is not a drill.

I have a funny feeling inside me, and by the way, this post is totally spontaneous and random. I have goals drafted for this blog. I went ahead and planned another blog which is already up now, but I'm still slowly filling it with posts and stories. I took part in a local organization for content creators with some of the best bloggers and creatives I know and became friends with. 

But. But these past few weeks, I feel kind of empty. I've taken the will and baby steps to become a better content creator but it feels like I'm losing my blogging/creating (creative) mojo once again. And the worse part is.. I'm losing my mojo at this time when my colleagues are stepping up the game. They're brimming with content ideas! We have to admit though that in our organization, we lack execution. But still they're heavy planning!

Next year, we're planning to level-up. And I'm supposed to be part of it. Wait, didn't we plan to level-up at the start of 2016? We probably did, but not enough? Group chats and Facebook groups are filled with goal setting sessions and other content stuff, while here I am.. feeling blah. I even joined a few webinars for goal setting but nothing seems to excite me. At least for now. 


I don't know if this feeling has something to do with incorporating business with blogging, comparing myself to other more accomplished content creators, maybe plain laziness, lack of inspiration and motivation, other priorities like home renovation, or just the season. I really don't know.

It's crazy because just a month ago, I couldn't even sleep thinking of all the brilliant ideas I have, and how I'd execute them. That's not an exaggeration. I lost sleep just thinking because I was so excited! I couldn't concentrate with my work because I kept on writing ideas and brainstorming with myself. Then days got in the way, and fast forward I'm here now. Empty. 

I haven't even read my favorite blogs for the past few weeks; haven't commented at all. I've emerged as top finisher from a weekly blogging challenge I've joined wherein we had to blog once every week for 45 weeks. I never missed a week. I even tried my hand at creating videos. Maybe that drained me? But I never thought so because I loved what I blogged and created for all those weeks.

Or just laazyy? I refuse to say so. I hate calling myself lazy. Because through the years, I've never been. I've been very hardworking with my studies and my career. Maybe I'm sometimes lazy with the household chores, but that's about it. 

Maybe I'm just overwhelmed. I'm seriously being a devil's advocate of myself. I've plans of migrating to Wordpress but deep inside, I didn't really want to. My new website is hosted on Wordpress from the start, and I planned to launch it fully in January. Maybe this is life. You'll be hit with bouts of uncertainty and hesitations even when you were so sure of what you were doing. 

Maybe this is the universe telling me to slow down. There are other more important things in life. It's 2018, yay, time for resolutions and goals. I have blogging goals. But I'm not in the mood to execute them. Is this normal? 


The thing with blogging and social media is that when you blink for one second, things have changed. And before you know it, you have been left behind. Being in this kind of industry is tough, you have to keep up with the trend or else your brand or blog will be irrelevant. And it's tougher for someone (like me) who earns a living from it. 

I think I need a break even though it's gonna be the start of another year and the playing field is so exciting and interesting for most people. Maybe I just need to go back to what I really love doing. I don't know. I'm confused. 

But all those confusions and hesitations aside, I'm very happy and pleased with how the year went for me. I don't have regrets. I can't say I'm ready for 2018 but I have to be because time can never be stopped. Hope you are all doing well, and if I haven't visited your blog for quite some time, I'm so sorry! I'll make time soon! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


PS: There are some blog posts that I never share on Facebook or social media... such as this. ;) You'll read it when you find it. And if not, it will remain a personal letter to myself, and that's okay. 

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