Holiday Gift Guide For Your Traveler Friends

It's the season to be jolly! I've always loved the Christmas & New Year season because people seem to be extra generous and happier. Gift-giving has been a tradition during this season, and even though your family and friends will surely appreciate your gift of TLC, there's always that giddy feeling of opening actual gifts from loved ones.

Gifts don't have to be grand, although they can be if you seriously have the budget for it. As long as the gifts come from the heart, they're already good enough. After all, the most important thing is the gift of love, family, and friendship. 

Now, if you consider sending gifts to your traveler friends, or even to yourself, I'll take the guesswork from all that. Here's a holiday gift guide (that doesn't break the bank) I've put up for you. 

Note: If you want to check out the product, just click the link I've provided. The links are affiliate links from Lazada which means I'll earn a small amount at no additional cost to you if you purchase using my links. Well, earning a little bit would be a great Christmas gift for me too! ;) 

1.  Universal Travel Adaptor with 2 USB ports

How many times have you actually forgotten that you're in another country, and that their power outlet is different from what you have back home? Happened to me! So the next time I traveled, I prepared and brought a travel adaptor. Click here to purchase

Universal Travel Adaptor with 2 USB ports

2. 50 kg/110lb Portable Electronic Luggage Scale 

You never know when you will actually go over your luggage limit. I always feel anxious when I think I've packed too much, or I bought a lot of souvenirs or travel gifts to give to family and friends back home. You don't want to go through the hassle of opening your luggage again at the airport just to remove stuff. Again, happened to me! 

There's no way I'd pay exorbitant excess luggage fee too, so this would be a cheaper (and very portable) solution. Weigh in = prevention. ;)  Click here to purchase

50 kg/110lb Portable Electronic Luggage Scale

3. Waterproof Hanging Toiletry Pouch

This pouch proved to be a very clever solution to my anxiety of having my travel hygiene bottles all over the bathroom or all over the place. This has multi-sized pockets to fit small items like cotton balls and cotton buds, and big toiletry stuff like shampoo, conditioner bottles, and body wash. Click here to purchase

Waterproof Hanging Toiletry Pouch

4. Elasticity Grid-It Organizer

This is a rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization. It's very ideal for keeping all your travel gadgets and wires in one place. I always have a problem of tangled wires, and it stresses me! Haha. So here's the solution to that problem. Click here to purchase

Elasticity Grid-It Organizer

5. Clothes Storage Bags Packing Cube/ Travel Luggage Organizer Pouch

Okay, so these cubes have basically saved my OC self. Maybe it will save yourself and your OC friend too. :) They're perfect for keeping and organizing just about anything in your travel luggage. Now you don't have to search through a blackhole of a bag because everything will be within your reach. Click here to purchase.

6. Elite Luggage Cover / Suitcase Cover

Last year, I bought a large pink and white luggage. I know the colors aren't really ideal because of all the stains, dust, and dirt that the luggage goes through when checked-in. So this year, I bought another smaller luggage in color white! Haha. I really just love white for a luggage I guess.

So it goes without saying that I need a luggage cover too. It's washable anyway and it protects your luggage from dirt. Click here to purchase

Elite Luggage Cover / Suitcase Cover

7. Neck Wallet w/RFID Blocking Concealed Travel Pouch & Passport Holder

Description: This travel neck pouch can protect your ID cards, passport books, and credit cards from illegal scanning. A sponge rear pocket can resist the force and friction for your phone. The ultra-slim and ultra-lightweight design helps keep it low-profile under your clothes.

I actually have a similar travel pouch that I bought from a local department store. When I saw it, I bought it right away because it's very convenient. Just like the one in photo, it can also fit my passport, phone, credit cards, paper bills, coins, travel documents, and even my bulky power bank.

It attaches safely to my body or I can make it a cross-body bag or a waist bag. It also helps that it puts all my important stuff in one place when I needed them. But as they say, don't put all your eggs in one basket. So I put some cash and cards in other parts of my backpack as well. 

Neck Wallet w/RFID Blocking Concealed Travel Pouch & Passport Holder

8. Hanyu Outdoor Travel World Trip Passport Holder

If you want a separate holder for your passport, you can get a passport holder instead. I bought one in gold but turned out I didn't use it because I preferred the travel pouch above. When you're in immigration, it's best if you remove the passport holder though. :)

This one's a pink passport holder. The design is so cute! Click here to purchase

Hanyu Outdoor Travel World Trip Passport Holder

9. Travel Neck Pillow with Hood

Even if I pack light, I make sure I bring a travel neck pillow. It just helps so much rather than sleeping on your arms. LOL. Click here to purchase

Travel Neck Pillow with Hood

10. Bahamas Travel 3-Piece Set

If you want to save and get a set instead, that's possible too. This set consists of luggage cover, eye mask, and neck pillow. These are three things I make sure I have when traveling. Click here to purchase

Bahamas Travel 3-Piece Set

So there you have it! There are different colors and variety of these pieces. You just have to choose which ones you like or your friends like. Enjoy cash on delivery, express delivery, free and easy returns, and free shipping (in some parts of the country). No sign-ups needed! Just shop and buy!

Don't forget the grand year-end sale this 12.12 or December 12, and get massive discounts on several items. Enjoy!!!

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