Travel Diary: When You're Sick While Traveling...

Travel Diary: When You're Sick While Traveling...

Probably the number one thing that I try so much to avoid from happening when I travel is getting sick. Next to having my period, that is. Right? It's just a bummer to travel knowing deep inside that you are not feeling well. Obviously, you try your best to enjoy but there's that thought in your head that you're sick or that feeling in your gut that something's not right, and your body is too weak. 

Well, I felt that kind-of-sick during my last trip. I mean, it wasn't too bad that I couldn't get up from bed anymore (that would be terrible). I had the usual cold and cough, and from time to time it would hurt my head, or it would give me a hard time sleeping at night. Those little feelings of uneasiness are annoying. 

When I arrived at Singapore, I didn't have much sleep. Yeah, perks of a red eye flight! I already felt sick that time but I had to have the proper mindset to not let the sickness ruin my travel plans. How could I when I only had a few days to explore? Plus, I wasn't really home so it may aggravate the feeling of being sick. 

I really wanted to make the most out of my trip so here's what I did. 

Proper mindset

I've mentioned earlier that I needed to have the proper mindset so I could enjoy my trip. This aspect is very important to me personally. I find that when I set my mind to do something and manage my expectations properly, I become more open-minded and welcoming of the somehow unexpected things that might happen while traveling. 

I wasn't too sick. I knew I was fine despite the uneasiness. I used my willpower and positive mindset to go on with my trip as planned, and I decided not to keep telling myself that I'm sick. The more I thought about it, the more I felt sick. 

Vitamins & Meds

So I'm not really into medicines when it's just for a little discomfort, but since I was traveling and I needed to make sure I combat the virus before it erupted into a full-blown sickness, I opted to take medicines (and vitamins) ahead of time. As usual when I travel, I brought with me a variety of meds for headaches, stomachaches, dizziness, cold, cough, fever, and flu. 

When I'm home, I often forget my vitamins. It's just something that I haven't fully incorporated into my lifestyle yet. But for the weeks leading to my trip until my trip ended, I made sure I took vitamins everyday. Yes I Googled How to stop cold and cough before they happen. And one of the results is to take vitamins. I don't know how effective that was but I took my vitamins anyway. 

Batu Caves
*At Batu Caves

Lots of water! 

I didn't Google this but I knew lots of water would help me hydrate and cleanse my system. It helped so much that there's a drinking water fountain in every corner of Singapore, plus accessible toilets in public places. I had liters and liters of water when I was there, but just brought a small bottle while I was out and about. It was easy to refill anyway.

I tried my best to drink water only, although I drank bottled green tea (not sure how green tea that was), and a large cup of soda while in Universal Studios. That's it. Then just water all throughout. 

In Kuala Lumpur, I had to bring a bigger bottle (like one liter!) to make sure I wouldn't run out of water.

Batu Caves
*Bringing one liter of water


Not weapons, weapons. My usual weapons were a cap, and a handkerchief. When you're sick and had to brave the intense heat of the sun, a simple cap to protect you from the heat can help so much. Add a hanky to wipe off your sweat as it builds up, and make sure your sweat doesn't dry out on its own. I find that this avoids the intense coughing. 

I only brought just enough shirts for my travel so I didn't bring extra for everyday adventure. I just made sure I brought a hanky with me. When we were at Batu Caves, we had to buy a cheap shirt (but a nice one) so that we could change after climbing the steep flight of stairs while the sun was in its full glory. 

A positive attitude

I've always believed in: "The only difference between a good and a bad day is your attitude." Anything can happen while traveling, and getting sick is just one of them. It could have been worse, but it wasn't, so I was still thankful that despite the sickness and a little difficulty sleeping at night, I would wake up energized everyday (even though I'd feel a little weak). I was always ready to take on new adventures, which was what I wanted in the first place. ♥

Still, prevention is better than cure. So prepare yourself physically and mentally, and manage your expectations properly to avoid unfortunate incidents from ruining your trip. :) 

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