Where To Get Prepaid 4G Travel or Tourist Sim Cards

Where To Get Prepaid 4G Travel or Tourist Sim Cards
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I just knew I had to get prepaid or tourist sim cards as soon as I'd arrive at Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. When I first traveled out of the country with my friends, we never considered getting even just one prepaid sim. Perhaps because we had each other? Haha. But the truth is... I think it would have helped us a lot with directions and stuff when we had data instead of relying on WiFi (which we didn't have all the time). 

There was one time in Ho Chi Minh when we had to enter a coffee shop just so we could use their WiFi and check something on Google Maps. We were trying to find our way but because of language barrier, we couldn't get someone to lead us to the right direction.

So anyway, when I traveled to Singapore, I was sure I needed a sim for maps and communication. I booked a 4G sim ahead of time via Klook. That time I still wasn't an affiliate but I do recommend it now that I've already tried it! 

4G SIM Card (SG Pick Up) for Singapore

  • Pick up a local SIM card upon landing at Changi Airport or in the city and enjoy Singapore in full
  • Call hotels, sightseeing spots and make reservations without worrying about the cost of your call
  • Get 100GB of lightning fast 4G mobile speeds in Singapore - connect anytime you want
  • The SIM card comes with FREE 20 minutes of international calls - stay in touch with family and friends

Inclusive Of:
  • M1 Tourist SIM card (regular/micro/nano size)
  • Free local data: 100GB
  • Local calls: 500 mins
  • Local SMS: 100
  • International calls: 20 mins
  • Card is valid for 5 days

It's the same package I used and I never had problems at all! Yup, 100 GB data was way toooo much for my 2-day stay but it was still worth it because it was so fast, and it helped me use my transport apps and other important stuff without a hitch.

I actually contemplated between a travel WiFi gadget and a prepaid sim, but the travel WiFi was even more expensive plus I had to pay for it per day, including the day when I'm not even using it. I decided to get a prepaid sim instead because it has a fixed amount which is SGD 15 or around 500 PHP. You can also earn Klook credits as rebates! 

To book a 4G sim, you can click this link (affiliate) -> KLOOK Tourist 4G Sim - Singapore. 

 KLOOK Tourist 4G Sim - Singapore

There are certain airport pickup locations and city locations. You can choose the M1 Shop that's nearest you or your hotel. The airport redemption hours is only 9AM-9PM. Please check the details on Klook's website in case the schedule changes. :) 

Since I was on a red eye flight, I claimed my sim at Bugis Junction. They will activate the sim for you so you won't have any problems figuring out how to do the magic. 

4G SIM Card (My Airport Pick up) for Malaysia

In Kuala Lumpur, I also decided to get a sim ahead of time because I needed to contact my friends. It's inconvenient to keep looking for WiFi connection so I had to make sure that I had data connection. 

  • Stay connected in Malaysia with nationwide coverage on a traveler SIM card
  • Get guaranteed reliable services from one of Malaysia's most popular providers, Tune Talk
  • Keep in touch with family and friends with the lowest international call rates
  • Pick up the SIM card right upon your arrival at either KLIA or KLIA2
  • Choose 5GB or 10GB to suit your travel plans

    Lite Plan 

    • 4G Speed
    • 5GB data, valid for 7 days
    • RM5 credit for calls/data, valid for 30 days (approximately 25 minutes of local calls)

    I chose the Lite Plan which was more than enough for me. It was USD 5 or around 275 PHP. You can also choose the Power Plan if you're staying longer for USD 10 or around 549 PHP.

    Power Plan

    • 4G speed
    • 10GB data, valid for 14 days
    • RM5 credit for calls/data, valid for 30 days (approximately 25 minutes of local calls)

     To book a sim card, you can click this link (affiliate) -> KLOOK Tourist 4G Sim - Malaysia

    KLOOK Tourist 4G Sim - Malaysia

    This one's easier to claim because TuneTalk store in Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) is open 24 hours daily. You will immediately see it upon exiting the arrival hall. Just look straight. LOL! Because I didn't actually realize right away that it was the TuneTalk store until my friend came to rescue me. Ha! 

    There's a photo on Klook website. Just make sure you read all the details. It's much better to have the voucher printed ahead of time. Same with the SG sim, the assigned staff will activate the sim for you. 

    Klook also offers travel sim cards for other countries, not just for Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. All you have to do is search for your destination on their website. While you're at it, you can even score discounted activity packages just like I did. 

    Where To Get Prepaid 4G Travel or Tourist Sim Cards

    So there's your travel essential! I personally considered purchasing sim cards as one of the best decisions I've made that time. There's no doubt you need to have access to cellular data or internet connection not because you want to constantly bombard Facebook or Instagram with photos of your trip, but mainly because you need it to search for directions, and to communicate with your friends or companions, or to reach your family back home from time to time. :) 

    If you are traveling with friends or family, consider splitting the cost for one sim card if you are on a budget. This way at least one of you gets immediate access to the internet when you're out and about. Just make sure you all go together when going out though. 

    Have fun on your next trip! ♥

    *The Klook links are affiliate links which means I will receive a small amount at no cost to you when you book using my links. But please know that these services were what I've personally tried during my trips so I can vouch for them. Thank you! :)

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