5 Unusual Vacation Ideas for a Getaway with Your Girls

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While vacations with family members and significant others are always welcome, sometimes all a girl needs is a vacation with her best friends.
A vacation with the girls gives you an opportunity to catch up with friends, strengthen friendships and unwind from all the hassles of everyday life while enjoying the company of people you actually like to be around.

Here are some awesome destinations you may have never considered before. 

Go to Bali for a Yoga Retreat

If you and your girlfriends want a truly rejuvenating travel experience, you can escape to Bali for a multi-day yoga retreat. Bali is well known for its spa treatment options and spiritual heritage, and the reputation matches the experience.

During a yoga retreat, you and your girls will have daily meditations and yoga sessions. You will also have time to take part in Bali’s cultural activities while also doing normal touristy stuff such as lounging by the pool, spending time at the beach and sampling the local cuisine (and drinks).

To get top-notch service and good deals on yoga retreat package from a reputable provider. If you need to rejuvenate and free your mind as much as possible, going this route is a good option. Being in the care of proven experts will allow you to focus on having fun and not on the small details that make a trip.

A good all-inclusive Bali yoga retreat will typically consist of unlimited spa treatments, daily yoga sessions, guided meditation sessions and access to a gym or fitness center. You will also be provided with basic yoga equipment such as bolsters, blocks, and mats, so packing will be easy. 

Go to the Caribbean for the Ultimate Beach Holiday

No destination does beach holidays better than the Caribbean. The Caribbean is also the place to be if you want to experience luxury beach resorts in their full glory. 

There are resorts of every kind for every type of person. Since you will be spending time with your girls, you can choose an all inclusive resort that’s specifically tailored to adult groups.

The popular Caribbean destinations include Aruba, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. These locations offers several activities you can engage in as a group. You can swim with stingrays in Grand Cayman, take a wild adventure through the forests of St. Lucia, surf in Barbados, learn to paint in Jamaica, go under water in a submarine in Aruba, or dive in Curacao to experience the amazing coral reef species that come to life during the full moon.

*Photo by Hrvoje Grubisic on Unsplash

Escape to Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’re into partying, this is your spot.

Las Vegas offers you and your girlfriends more options to have fun than you can think of. Yes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You don’t have to worry about stories of your escapades getting back home as long as you don’t bring gossipy Becky along.

While the perception is that Las Vegas is very expensive, the opposite is true. You can have a lot of fun in Las Vegas without spending a ton of money. Las Vegas has awesome activities for pretty much every budget. Plus, if you’re traveling from within the U.S., airfare is usually pretty cheap. 

You can enjoy elaborate pool parties, hit the bars and clubs, throw some money down at the casino, and walk the strip to take up the scene.

If you want to have a chilled out stay, you can forego the wildness of the strip and rent a car to go the national parks in the area. The hotels also have great spas so you are pretty much covered as far as spa treatments are concerned.

Go Shopping in Dubai

Shopping at your average one thing, and then there’s shopping in Dubai, which is on a whole other level. 

If you have the time and money, nothing can beat the experience of shopping in the world’s shopping capital. Dubai even has a shopping festival. The Dubai Shopping Festival is usually held in the months of January and February. There are plenty of entertainment options from watching fireworks at night to attending cultural activities.

If you miss the Dubai Shopping Festival, you can attend the Dubai Summer Surprises which is also held every year from the end of June to August. 

Dubai’s giant malls are a major attraction. Even if you don’t love malls, malls in Dubai offer a totally different experience from the one you are used to at home. You can spend a whole day at a mall if you are with your girlfriends. The malls in Dubai are not strictly for shopping. You can spend time socializing, watching a movie, sampling various cuisines, getting beauty treatments at the beauty salons, getting in shape at the gyms or visiting art galleries. 

Plus, Dubai itself is an amazing city occupied by locals with incredibly diverse backgrounds. Outside the malls, there is so much to see and do. 

Get Creative in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The daily grind can kill the inner artist even in the most creatively gifted person. If your peers are the artsy type, reawaken your creative souls with a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Santa Fe will offer you and your girlfriends hundreds of creative experiences such as painting, photography, drawing, weaving, and more. Santa Fe has over 250 art galleries. 

Group activities will allow you to bond with your girls while reawakening your creative sense. You don’t have to limit yourself to artistic pursuits when in Santa Fe. There are a lot of normal touristy stuff you do as well. 

Wherever you go, make sure it matches your crew

The goal of a getaway with the girls is to bond while having tons of fun. Don’t let the logistics of traveling in a group weigh you down. If you plan accordingly, your trip will definitely be a success. 

The important thing to remember is that each member of the group has different expectations. Managing expectations is, therefore, the first step towards avoiding conflict and ensuring that your getaway remains harmonious. The best way to do this is by choosing your destination as a group, and making sure everyone is happy with the plan. 

*This article is a guest post from Sandals Resorts. 

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