6 Tips To Make Your Travel Budget Stretch Further

6 Tips To Make Your Travel Budget Stretch Further
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Travelling is undeniably an expensive hobby, and when you’re on a strict budget it becomes a lot harder. With that being said, there are many ways to restrict your expenditure and save the cash – here are 6 tips to make your travel budget stretch further.

Create a daily budget for yourself

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to stretch your money is by allocating yourself a daily budget. Set out just how much you can realistically spend on each part of your trip – whether that be in terms of accommodation, travel or even something as seemingly minor as food. It all adds up. 

Make sure you account for the leisure you’re likely going to splash your cash on, whether it be an activity, watching a show or grabbing some souvenirs to take home with you. And, of course, watch out for those pesky unexpected fees that may crop up – you never know when you may be caught out.

Forget about luxury accommodation

If you’re trying to make your budget last longer, it may be worth giving up the dream of any luxury stays in favour of somewhere that’s friendlier on your wallet. Hostels are a great bet for travellers, as alongside the money-saving part of it, it’s also a great opportunity to make new friends.

Although hostels have seemingly gained a reputation over the years for being perhaps untrustworthy and a bit grimy, they’ve improved massively over the years to become a viable choice of accommodation for any traveller. It’s an especially worthy consideration if you’re on a tight budget.

Sacrifice sleep for cheap flights

6 Tips To Make Your Travel Budget Stretch Further
*Photo credit: Unsplash

There’s no denying that flights can be expensive. It all comes down to the time of day you choose to fly - expect to pay a lot more at peak times. With that being said, if you’re willing to travel through the night, you’ll likely be saving a huge amount of money in the process.

Look into travelling at late times for the best savings. This is especially important if you’ll frequently be hopping from A to B on your travels, as your money will go before your eyes when splurging it on expensive flights at a more convenient time of the day.

Don’t buy anything unnecessary

If you’re running on a tight budget, try to eliminate the need to splurge during your trip. A common thing many travellers feel the need to purchase is an expensive, weighty camera for those snaps of their journey – however, if you’re not a dedicated photographer, it probably isn’t a wise idea. Your smartphone will suffice.

And don’t feel the need to overload yourself with purchases you make along the way. Not every shop or marketplace needs to be visited and, if they do, don’t get carried away. It’s very easy to forget and splurge, but keep your budget in mind – don’t leave yourself out of pocket. 

Eat the street food – it’s delicious

6 Tips To Make Your Travel Budget Stretch Further
*Photo credit: Unsplash

Don’t fear the street food. Its prominence is undeniable in certain parts of the world, with countries such as India and Thailand proving to be the true highlights between travellers. You may find yourself ripped off and disappointed if you stick to proper restaurants – street stalls provide some of the best and most authentic dishes around.

Consider tucking into some traditional delicacies to get a literal taste for the culture, whether it be a fragrant bowl of curry in India or some Vietnamese pho. It’s also an opportunity to challenge yourself, too – head to Cambodia for your chance to tuck into a fried and skewered tarantula. Delicious. 

Book things in advance 

Be sure to look into purchasing things in advance, for two reasons – the first of which being to organise your budget further and plan out just what you’re spending your money on. Booking in advance means you won’t be surprised by any fees when going to partake in an activity or something similar.

The second reason is that you may be able to steal a deal or two if you look into it early enough. Booking in advance allows you to budget even further and plan just where your money will be going, allowing for you to plan your expenditure and not be left prematurely out of pocket.

Do you have any tips of your own to stretch your budget whilst travelling? Let us know in the comments below!

*This article is a guest post of Ivy Olivier for Blissful Snapshots. 

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