Seeing The World 'Outside The Box' - Tips For The Adventurous Spirit

Tips For The Adventurous Spirit

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. 

Your adventurous spirit, if it’s genuine, can never be quenched. No matter how many horizons it explores, it will always come back for more, to see the world in a new light and find new stories to craft. For this reason, traveling will often mean something different to you than how many people choose to define it. Seeing the world outside the box can be an exercise in adventure, and it demands you choose a different perceptual framework for visiting foreign countries.

Here are some ways to fully stimulate a varied traveling interest. We hope they help you stay interested and engaged in your amazing journeys across the world.

Take A Yacht

Yacht charter cruises are among some of the best ways to get an incredible view of the city and waterways outside a popular city environment. It’s one of the best ways to introduce yourself to a new location, as you’ll get a panoramic view of both the crystal clear water, the beaches and the skyline of the encroaching city. 

You’re even able to bring dozens of people with you, perfect if you’re kicking your adventurous holiday in style with a group of people you’re close to. If you’re in a new destination for a significant event, festival or adventurous activity, this can be the perfect and most classy way to kick off proceedings, with a floating venue concerned with both your enjoyment and privacy.


Traversing great distances is the basis of a substantial expedition, and an expedition is sure to provide your adventurous spirit with a great deal of travelling content to enjoy. Choosing a difficult environment to traverse, such as a mountainous range could be the best way to proceed, so long as you’re safe and you plan effectively. Be sure to keep survival kits, and travel in large packs to keep yourself protected at all times. 

While it’s romantic to experience an adventure solo, getting in trouble quickly dashes any romantic hopes you have. Consider backpacking near the foothills of the Alps, or traversing across Europe using the interrailing service. Hostel passes are often given by these services, allowing you nearly unlimited walking travel so long as your funding is accessible.

Safari Trips

There’s no better way to connect to nature than to connect to its creatures. Experiencing all manner of safaris, such as the desert explorations offered by those in Dubai to a genuine African safari, connecting yourself to other rhythms of life help you stay humble and feel amazed by the creative power of nature, and the beautiful animals which have sprouted from its arms. 

Be sure to experience your safari in multiple different climates to experience various different creatures, and don’t forget to get your aquatic needs out the way, such as sharking or swimming with dolphins. It’s one thing to see these creatures on television, but in person, there is nearly unlimited potential for being astounded at the diversity of life on this planet.

With these tips, you’re sure to experience plenty that the world has to offer, and it will all contribute to a life well lived.

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