5 Things to Look for When Purchasing a Mountain Bike

5 Things to Look for When Purchasing a Mountain Bike

Mountain biking can be exhilarating and rewarding while at the same time exhausting and physically and mentally draining. Many fall in love with mountain biking as it allows you to enjoy a challenge while becoming physically fit in the outdoors. In order to have a great experience, it is critical to own a high quality mountain bike as it will make your experience on the trails that much better. 

Whether you are purchasing a mountain bike as a gift or for yourself, there are many things that are important to keep in mind before committing to the bike you will invest your money in. This article will highlight some of the most important things to look for when purchasing a mountain bike.

1. Budget. 

Before you make a purchase, it is important that you establish a reasonable budget for what you can spend on a bike. It is a good idea to consider how much you will be riding and the types of trails that you have your heart set on experiencing. These things can help steer you in the direction of the type of bike to purchase. 

Establish your budget based on what you can feasibly afford. While it may be tempting to spend over your budget and put the purchase on a credit card, avoid doing this as it can cause you hardship in the long run if you are unable to pay it off. Mountain biking should be an activity in which you can relieve stress and have fun; not be reminded of the debt you have looming over your head. 

The best bikes on a budget tend to be of the hardtail variety. If this is of interest to you, be sure to check out the best hardtail mountain bikes for more information.

2. Consider the type of riding you will do. 

This is a critical component to choosing the best mountain bike for your needs. It is important to know the types of trails you will choose to spend your time on. The reason for this is that knowing the type of trail you will spend your time on will help you select the best mountain bike and will ensure that you have a good experience. 

For example, if you know that you will spend a great deal of your time riding downhill, you will want to invest in a bike that can support this activity. There are some bikes that are built better than others for the sole purpose of riding downhill.

3. The frame. 

This is a critical component to selecting a good mountain bike. A solid bike will have a good frame that can take a beating if you were to fall off of it or if it were to tumble down a hill. Be sure to look into what the frame is made of as you will be able to tell right away if it is going to be a good purchase or not. Go for a frame that is made of aluminum alloy, steel, titanium, or carbon fiber as they will be the safest and lightest weight. 

4. Wheels. 

Depending on the type of trails and riding you will be doing, you will want to choose wheels that offer coordinating traction. Wheels are also offered at varying heights so be sure to get measured by the mountain bike professional you are working with to select the best height for your build. 

5. Gears, suspension, and brakes. 

These features are very important when selecting a mountain bike. While many may think that having more gears is better, it is not necessarily so. Before choosing a bike with multiple gears, consider your fitness level and the type of trails you will be riding. When selecting a bike, be sure to look for good suspension to help absorb the shock from going over rocks, trees, or down hills. Finally, investing in a bike with good brakes is always a good idea.

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