5 Tips to Selecting The Best Wedding Venue in Portland, Oregon

 Best Wedding Venue in Portland, Oregon

Choosing a wedding venue can set the stage for the style and feel of your wedding. Depending on the type of wedding you want to have, you will likely choose a venue that represents that. For example, if you hope to have a wedding that is rustic, you will likely want to find a venue that is either outdoors or lated in a cabin-like venue. 

There are many things to take into consideration when selecting a venue which is why we have compiled some great tips for you! If you are interested in Portland wedding venues, this article is for you!

1. Location. 

Portland is a big city. Before you set out to look at the venues that have made it to the top of your list, you will need to determine what part of the city you will want to have your nuptials and celebration. You will need to consider where you will be having your ceremony in relation to where your reception will take place. It is a good idea to make these spaces close together if possible. 

The reason for this is so that your guests can easily get from one location to another without much of a hassle. If you are having your wedding in the heart of the city, consider having your reception in the same vicinity.

2. Budget. 

It can be extremely disappointing to visit a venue, fall in love with it and envision your wedding in that space, to find out later that you cannot afford it. The best course of action is to create your budget before you look at venues. This will keep you from choosing a venue that you are not able to afford. Not being able to pay the bill could really put a damper on your celebration.

3. Guest count. 

Be sure to select a venue that will be able to accommodate your guests. If you are hoping to have a small gathering of family and friends to help you celebrate your nuptials, consider a location that is intimate. You would not want to rent a huge venue for a wedding that consists of 12 guests. On the contrary, if you are having a wedding of 150 people, you do not want to rent a venue that can only accommodate 100. That could make for a tight wedding and no room to have fun. 

 Best Wedding Venue in Portland, Oregon

4. Weather. 

If you have always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding, you will need to make arrangements for a rain plan. This could add a substantial amount of money to your budget if the weather chooses to be uncooperative on your big day. If you want to have your wedding indoors, you can save a great deal on a rain plan and you will not have to worry about the weather on the day of your wedding.

5. Style. 

Choosing a venue should represent your style. If you are interested in a vintage wedding, choose a venue that coincides with this style. Great venues to consider may be an old, historic building, or an outdoor location. However, if you have not committed to a type of wedding style, you can choose any type of venue that you want and then plan your wedding decor around the chosen venue. 

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