Adventure Without The Expense: See The World on a Budget

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots.

Traveling opens up your eyes to new cultures and ways of life, allows you to meet new people, and gives you an appreciation of the world. It’s something that everyone should aim to do, but many are held back by the expense. And it’s true, traveling can be expensive. Flights, hotels, tickets, and food can all add up - however it doesn’t have to be as costly as you’d think. 

There are ways you can travel the world without loads of cash in the bank, and let’s face it, if you can find a way to make it work you should. You can always earn more money later on, but you might not always get the opportunity to go. Here are a few ideas!

Go Backpacking

If you want to see the world but don't have a lot of money, then backpacking is a great option. Because most of your trip will be spent on foot and on public transport, there aren’t a whole lot of daily costs to factor in. 

You could sign up to a chain of hostels giving you affordable accommodation no matter where you are. You might not be dining at five-star restaurants, but instead, you will be eating like a local - trying cheap yet tasty food from street markets and other stalls. Plus you can fill up your backpack with easy to carry snacks to keep you going during the day, such as nuts, dried fruit, cereal and protein bars which you can buy from grocery stores. 

Keep an eye out for cheap flights, and other offers too which will all help to bring down the cost of your trip. 

Go on a Road Trip

A road trip in a campervan or an RV is a fun yet frugal way to travel because you have your vehicle and accommodation in one. All you have to pay for is fuel, and you’re pretty much set throughout your trip. You can stop off at campsites, many offer RV hookups which include water and drainage with some even providing electricity and WiFi too. 

If you didn’t want to go down the RV route, you could always go in a road trip in your own car, but make sure it’s up to scratch. You can buy things like performance wheels on sites like PartsEngine, you should also ensure it has been fully tested before setting off. That way you know it’s safe to drive and won’t break down in the middle of nowhere!

Adventure Without The Expense: See The World on a Budget

Work While You Travel

Working while you’re away might not seem like the ideal situation, but if it allows you to get out and see the world then it’s far better than just staying home! You could do some voluntary work which offers food and accommodation in return for your time. You could freelance, if you’re already earning money as a blogger or YouTuber you could continue this while you’re away - all you will need is your camera, laptop and access to the internet once a day to upload. 

If this is the only realistic way you can get out there, don’t overlook it. It will be an incredible experience within itself even if you get less free time.

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