Keep Your Camera and Equipment Organized With These Tips

Keep Your Camera and Equipment Organized With These Tips

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a professional photographer or just somebody who enjoyed taking and editing regular pictures, the chances are that you have accumulated quite a collection of equipment. However, the chance are also that you have no idea where anything is and it is a complete mess.

To help you out in this regard, consider the following tips.

Gotta Love Velcro

Velcro has a multitude of uses, and many of them apply to your camera and equipment. Take a look at the big pile of cables, spend some time sorting it out, and then use small strips of velcro to keep them all together and organized. This could include using larger stripe to keep a bundle of cables together. Whatever you need to do to clean up your cables and keep them organized, velcro can help.

Contain Your Accessories

Not all accessories are large devices which attach to your camera. There are many other smaller accessories, such as memory cards, batteries, storage devices, etc. These devices are the most commonly misplaced items by photographers. Head to the Groupon Coupons page for Canon and pick up a purpose designed came and accessory bag. These bags include padded sectioned areas which allow you to keep your cemar protected and clean and separated from the other accessories in your bag.

Keep Your Camera and Equipment Organized With These Tips

At Home Storage

Of course, not all of your storage problems occur out in the field. If you find that you are finding it harder and harder to find storage spaces for your camera equipment, look to the back of your door. A durable and high-quality bathroom focused door-hanging rack is a great item to store your cameras and accessories when you are at home, and in your hobby room.

Additionally, those small plastic jewelry cases that your children use can also be great for carrying around equipment and keeping small lots of accessories together. While you might not like the idea of having Barbie on the side of your photography gear, you can easily look for something more subtle.

Protect Your Equipment

It doesn't’ matter how much money you paid for your equipment, you have it there to do a job. If you break it then you need to buy another one, which is a complete waste. For this reason, look for ways to protect your devices while they are in transit, such as in storage cases with custom foam cutouts. 

You don’t need to speak with a specialist about the foam, you can simply pick some up from your local crafting store. Once you are home, trace out the shape of your equipment on the foam, cut it out, and then fit it to your travel case.

Just because you might not consider yourself a qualified professional doesn’t mean that your photography gear isn’t valuable and doesn’t need to be taken care of. In addition to these tips, ask professionals at local photography groups or message boards that you utilize for their tips and advice on keeping equipment well organized.

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