Introducing North and South Carolina

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Thinking of taking a trip to the US sometime soon? If so, you should certainly spend some time in either North or South Carolina. If you have the time, why not both Carolinas?! Here are some amazing things you can do in these two awe-inspiring states.

Great Smoky Mountains

Stretching across North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains are one of the state’s most popular attractions. This large national park has plenty for families to do, including lots of hiking and cycling trails, horseback riding, and camping. There are also a few historic buildings for you to explore as well. For instance, the Jim Bales Cabin dates back to 1869 and is close to the banks of the Roaring Fork stream. You can also visit the Alfred Reagan Farm as well, which once owned to one of the first settlers who lived in the area.


Charleston is one of the most popular cities in South Carolina, and there really is no wonder why that is! It is bustling with so much culture, and you will find street musicians on almost every corner. You can spend a morning strolling around the Waterfront Park before heading to soak up some history at Patriots Point. If you ever need some retail therapy, you should head straight to Upper King Street for posh boutiques and sophisticated art galleries.

Little Bradley Falls

The Great Smoky Mountains aren’t the only place in North Carolina for hiking to boot. If you love exploring the natural landscape, you should visit the scenic Little Bradley Falls. You can click for more videos and pictures as well as plenty of information. When you get to the falls, you will find a trail that takes you past the waterfall and stream and through some of the nearby bracing scenery. 

Johns Island

Johns Island is just off the coast of Charleston County in South Carolina. Even though it is just a very small island, there are plenty of things to see there. Firstly, visit the Angel Oak, one of the oldest living Southern oak trees. Experts believe that it could be anywhere between 400-1,500 years old. Pretty impressive, huh! There are also regular reenactments of the Battle of Charleston on the island as well. You can see them when visiting the Legare Farms.

The Biltmore Estate

This large home in North Carolina is one of the largest estates in the whole of the United States. Even though it is a private estate, the public is still invited to look around. The house has been modeled on French-style chateau and has plenty of European flair. The whole estate is so large that you will easily need a full day to explore the house and all of its rolling gardens. 

Hopefully, all of these attractions have left you tempted to book a trip to the Carolinas! And you can be sure that there are plenty more sights as well. If you do visit the states, you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Have a great trip!

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