Put These Awe Inspiring Wonders On Your Bucket List Of Temples

bagan temple, myanmar

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. 

As a culture vulture, you love nothing more than immersing yourself into the very fabric of the society that you’re visiting. You might stay with a local family, learn the language before you go, and clue yourself up on the intricacies of a destination’s cultural customs. For you, traveling is more than a pastime, it’s the freedom to see the world, make new friends and venture to new places. 

There can be no greater spots to find yourself than where religious buildings have been constructed. The history, culture, and stories that the interior of those structures could tell if they could speak would be spellbinding. Take a look at these magnificent temples that should be on your traveling to do list.


The awe-inspiring Borobudur temple can be found deep in the rainforests of Java. From the air, the massive site looks like something built by aliens rather than by the Indonesian people. With over five hundred Buddha statues and reams of text adorning the walls, the building is a marvel. 

Maze-like, you could spend days walking around the relief panels to read the teachings of Buddha and try to unscramble the riddles within the religious texts. The complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has lived through wars, bombings and natural disasters to remain standing for visitors to admire its beauty.

Borobudur temple

The Temple Of Heaven

Most temples of quality are to be found in the Far East. If you ever venture to China, you must pay a visit to the majestic Temple of Heaven with its vibrant circular bright ceiling murals depicting heaven and the more normal square rooms representing the Earth. Located in Beijing, the temple was built in the 14th century by Emperor Yongle who used it to pray avidly for a good harvest. He was apparently a superstitious individual who believed that every prayer ceremony needed to be word perfect or the harvest for the following year could be spoiled.

The Temple Of Heaven

Wat Rong Khun

If you find yourself partaking in a spot of Thailand travel, you’ll be amazed at how many culturally significant and ancient temples there are to visit, each one still populated by monks who still utilize them as their places of worship. One temple of note is reminiscent of an ice palace. The entirely white and elegant structure of Wat Rong Khun Buddhist temple in Chiang Rai is relatively youthful by religious building standards and is actually still being built. The castle-like facade contains more Buddhas than you could shake a stick at, ornate carvings, and a particularly creepy sculpture of hands rising from the pits of hell.

Chiang Rai

Whether you find yourself explore the Taoist temples of China or the Buddhist shrines of Japan, it’s vital that you consider cultural customs when entering. It can be hard to fathom the age, knowledge, and secrets of these temples but they must be respected at all times, especially by tourists. Leave your shoes outside, cover your head if deemed appropriate, and move slowly and quietly as you discover the inner beauty of these unbelievable buildings.

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