What And Who Are Your Inspirations in Photography?

Sometimes there are lazy days, and when those happen, I find myself just at home without any plans of shooting, or touching my camera. It's tough when you want to have a fresh batch of photos yet the drive to even move is lacking. But with any hobby, I guess we really need to stay inspired or look for inspirations to keep going. 

I do have my inspirations. But I asked some friends who are photography enthusiasts what their inspirations are, or where they get the inspirations to shoot and constantly take photos. I can certainly relate with them. 

From Jomar

"I follow several photographers, and read or watch tutorials related to photography especially in street, portrait photography." 

I also do this! I read articles, and watch YouTube especially if I want to learn something and I don't know how to do it using my camera. I think it's important to be inspired by those who have already experienced a lot about photography. I'm still into street photography, although I don't really get to do it a lot now. Portrait photography is also something I want to try soon 

From Herbert 

"I follow Hengki Koentjoro for BW and minimalist photography. Yen Baet for light stalking especially during Blue Hour. Taking photos during the blue hour is kinda tedious since there are factors to consider, cloud formation is one. I always plan ahead where should I position, best if you can scout the place so you can maximize when you're shooting."

"I am into mobile photography over the past year and its kinda challenging since you have another factor to consider, the capability of your smartphone but very fulfilling when you get to achieve what you wanted." 

I haven't ventured into BW photography just yet, but I do like minimalist photography. It's such a breath of fresh air when most people are too conscious of what to put in a negative space. I've also wanted to continue mobile photography, but I don't use my phone a lot when taking photos because I want to practice using my DSLR since I don't want to waste my money buying it when I'll just leave it in my cabinet. Lol. But Herbert's right, it's really fulfilling when you get to achieve what you want using a smartphone. 

From Philip 

"I am not a professional photographer, and I take photos my own way. But I am open to continuous learning from photography enthusiasts who give impact to this amazing artistry. And I always challenge myself to snap better because photography is life." 

I am not a professional too. And like Philip, I also just follow my own pace. He's right - photography is life! ;) 

From Aldrin 

"The untainted emotions of the couples. -- This is what inspires me to shoot wedding and engagement. What makes a good photograph for me is not the technicalities or the composition (though you need this to accomplish your goal) but given that you know how to photograph, catching the emotions is what makes a good photo." 

So I haven't really done any formal event shooting at all because I'm not confident enough to do it. But I agree with Aldrin. When you see the emotions in people, you become more inspired to photograph them, and be more determined to capture their feelings. 

photography inspirations

From Wellbein

"More on the story of the photos. Daily lives of random people I meet. Their story matters most and that's what inspires me." 

Wellbein is also into street photography, and I can honestly see myself in him when I was still working in the city. Every morning after work, I'd take time walking around to photograph stories on the road. I didn't really talk to people - which was what I wanted to do before - ala Humans of New York. I didn't have the luxury of time plus I wasn't that confident in talking to strangers or randomly approaching them. I'm still not confident until now. It takes so much of my courage to do so. 

From Jewel

"Framing the ff: subject/s, background, emotions and moment/s." 

Jewel said it simply, but it's so true! Most of the time, you even wait for the right moment to come when everything you want is all in one frame - just beautiful. It can definitely add to the story you want to convey. It can really inspire you when you know that you've captured everything perfectly in your frame. 

From Hanna

"So long as I can see color and life in what I see, I take pictures of it." 

I guess Hanna and I are the same in this aspect. As you might have known, I love colors because they give life to a photograph, and when I see colors, I get giddy! 

From Anne

"When it's art I click. It doesn't have to be some fancy mural or painting though. So as long as it evokes emotion, curiosity or wonder, I find things/people/places worth shooting. I'm a sucker for following a lot of creatives (bloggers/youtubers) and I believe I get a lot of inspiration from them but when it comes to photography, I've been a fan of Shaira Luna and BJ Pascual for as long as I can remember." 

Anne is such a beautiful artist! I love her artworks and DIY tutorials, as well as her photos. Like her, I also follow several creatives, especially on Instagram. 

photography inspirations

From Lai

"The eyes that speak are also the eyes that look beyond the existing beauty of an innate beauty of nature. It is what motivates and inspire me to become lost, and flirt with landscape photography. In my own distinct perspective about landscape photography, it has somewhat made me to keep traveling and documenting my travels. It is never an ending inspiration cause beyond what my eyes see, the photographs have remained a reflection of what my eyes see and speak."

I am so into landscape photography more than anything! With my love for travel, it isn't surprising that I venture into landscapes. Some people may say that it's boring and passé, but I don't think so. Landscapes are beautiful! They remind me that the world is beautiful, and yes they're inspiring. 

How about you? What or who are your inspirations when taking photos? ;) 

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