Missouri Magic: It's Absolutely The Show-Me State


*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. Featured photo from Pexels

We have always been fascinated by the nicknames given to the different US states. There is just something magical and intriguing about where their monikers come from. Names like the Sunshine State, Peace Garden State, Treasure State, and the Great Lakes State; these all play on our love of romance and mystery, and none more so than the name given to Missouri: The Show-Me State. 

The best thing about this name, though, is the fact Missouri is so totally and utterly deserving of such a signature, as you will find out from our list below. So, without further ado, here is a list of top things to do in The Show-Me State. 

Gateway Arch

You can’t go to Missouri and not see St Louis, and you can’t go to St Louis and not fawn over the gorgeous Gateway Arch that soars above this city in the most emphatic fashion. This is the Eiffel Tower of this metropolis, the silver structure standing at over 630ft tall, its constant shimmer make this place sparkle like it deserves to. 

Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri
*By Daniel Schwen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Wine Trails

No matter what you fancy or what your taste buds are in to, you have to go on one of the Hermann Wine Trails. Of course, you can learn more at www.hermannwinetrail.com and get a total understanding of what they offer, but it is basically your chance to experience some family owned wineries and try some delicious wines paired with incredible foods. We’re talking everything from berries and barbecue tasting sessions to wild bacon. 

Jazz District

Since the early 1930s, this place has hosted after-hours jazz sessions that have included some of the most famous jazz artists in history, as well as young hotshots working their way up. This is a must see for anyone that has even the slightest interest in history because this place gives you a real experience of what it may have been like, with drinks served in cheap cups to boot. 

Jefferson City

This is the state capitol and that almost makes it worth visiting by default. What makes it worth visiting in principle, though, is the place itself. It is the museums and galleries, the historic government buildings and that sense of grandeur that has dimmed with time, not one bit. The absolute must see places are the state capitol building and the Governor’s Mansion, both of which have that wow-factor, and plenty of it. 

Forest Park 

Every city park has its own unique sense of charm, but what makes Forest Park so special is the fact it is built on the grounds of the old 1904 World Fair. What that means for you as a visitor is the chance to see some of the original buildings, ponds, and gardens. But best of all, there is the St Louis Zoo and Art Museum here too. You can easily spend an entire day here. 

Silver Dollar City

This theme park in Branson is more than just a theme park, it is an insight into the Ozark culture of the mid to late 1800s, by which we mean you can see craftsmen demonstrating their extraordinary skills. Glassblowing, blacksmithing, candy-making and all sorts. What’s more, you can also explore the Marvel Cave of Silver Dollar City found here -- silverdollarcity.com. In short, this is a place that has brought people of kinds to it since the 1500s - explorers, archaeologists, miners or marble and much more. 

This really is The Show-Me State.

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