#ILoveMyTown Part 2 - The Nostalgia is Real


Last time, I shared my unexpected or unusual photowalk destination, and I was so glad I found time to explore. For that set, I opted for light and bright photos because I thought they'd fit the theme more. This time, I experimented once again, and tried going for desaturated images. 

Minglanilla, Cebu
*This photo is super grainy but I liked how this turned out. It looked like one of those iPhone presets was added to it. Hehe

We headed to the town center, and looked around. We went to the central school, and just observed people doing their own thing. It's pretty nostalgic to me - ya know, my school days were way past behind me but being in a school or any school actually brings back childhood memories. ;) 

Minglanilla, Cebu

Minglanilla, Cebu

Cotton candy! Growing up, I'd always buy one whenever available. It's too sweet! It's still too sweet until now, and tastes like you just ingested air, haha! But what can do you, it's a hit among the students! 

These girls couldn't let a photo op pass. I mean, back in high school or even college, we couldn't just snap a photo instantly all the time because that was the era when only the rich could really afford a smartphone. 

Facebook wasn't there yet. There was Friendster, but I don't think people created photo albums on it. People just uploaded a profile photo. Multiply was a more fit platform to have photo albums, but I remember really using it when I was already in college. Then I just started using Facebook during my last year in the university. 

So I'm just saying that looking at these girls felt like looking at myself and my friends back in the days. It was fun but it had to end. The memories will be forever though. 

This is how it's done, yes?

Ahh, I can see why she's so excited! ;)

And this building right here has caught my interest for so long because the structure is interesting, but ehh no wide lens so this will do for now. ;) 

Minglanilla, Cebu

That's it for today! Really hope to have more photowalks around town soon. See you on my next post! 

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