Foodie Finds: A Traveler's Guide To Food In The United States

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. 

The United States is known for a whole selection of different styles of food, other than their own of course. Believe it or not but it isn't just about the Chucky Cheeses and Chilli Dogs out there. There's so much more than that, with tastes from all over the world.

In fact, most of America's iconic food is only as popular as it is due to tourists. Here's a list of all the different platters available, along with how popular they are.

76% of America eats Chinese
Chinese is one of the most popular meals to indulge on. With the chicken chowmein, egg fried rice, and duck pancakes, there's something for everyone. Americans like their meat, and the variety that you get to choose from, along with the different flavors and spices make it a treat. Chinese food is mostly consumed as a takeout; it's an easy and efficient way to eat late at night when you're too exhausted to do anything else. You don't even need to get your own plates out - just eat out of the box.

74% of America eats Mexican
Going for a Mexican on the weekends seem to be the second most popular meal. Whether it be a table for two or a family affair, the tacos, enchiladas, and a side portion of guacamole is definitely made for sharing. If you're feeling peckish already, these are the best Mexican restaurants that you need to experience if you're hanging around in the US for a while.

71% of America eats Italian
With over 24 million people living in the US with an Italian descent, you can't avoid the good food that comes with the culture, like the four Ps: pasta, pizza, pastrami, and pesto. Italians are known for having the whole family over for dinner, including all the Aunties, Uncles, and Cousins, let alone their own children. They're famous for their big personalities and even bigger appetites.

32% of America eats Japanese
Japanese food, on the other hand, isn't as popular as the others, although people do still go back for more. There's a certain Asian community that resides in the US, and they create most of the business with the Sushi-inspired restaurants, but Americans do enjoy the food too, but it's seen as more of a one off treat, and a lot fancier than other styles, catered to the ‘foodies’. Because of the top quality cuts of fresh fish, it's not the cheapest of meals either.

32% of America eats Greek
King of the kebabs, Greek food isn't on everyone's lips, but it does appeal to a fair amount. If you like olives, hummus and lamb, then you'll enjoy indulging in this culture. While other places around the world serve Greek food as fast food on the sidewalks, America prefers to go in the restaurant direction as most of their business is from local families.

26% of America eats French
Not a lot of people go out to dine in a French restaurant unless it's to celebrate something or make the most of a special occasion, like an anniversary. The French culture is seen to be romantic, so it's saved for the special moments. You can experience the wonderfully combined flavors that coat prawns, scallops, and mussels, while drinking crisp wine from the Southern vineyards that grow in the centre of mountains - the kind of place to dine in when you're too lazy to cook. 


Now you know what's on offer - other than the amazing American delicacies - enjoy your travels' wining and dining from the vast amount of foods out there. Just remember, your eyes are most likely bigger than your belly. Who am I kidding, that's what doggy bags are for, right?

When out and about, make the most out of what's around you. Some people aren't interested in testing their taste buds and prefer to stick to what they know, but where's the fun in that? Learning about tastes from around the world is not only exciting and super delicious, but it gives you an up close and personal insight into a wide range of cultures. 

If you want to go one step further, travel to the country itself - you can't get more intimate than that, plus you'll be able to watch how the locals prepare their food - the real way. Take notes and bring some of the secrets back. - Don't go sharing them though, just throw the best dinner parties for your friends and family to show off your new skills.

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