What Makes Your Summer Holiday Social Media Worthy?

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. All photos are from Pixabay

Nowadays, the first thing that young generations do in the morning is to check their favorite social media platforms. Checking Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others has been an integral part of everybody’s life, to the point where it has become the first and last thing that people do during their day – without regularly mentioning throughout the day. 

It is easy to understand why. People have become addicted to the likes, shares, and followers. The more you have, the better you feel. They are an indication of social worth and somehow have become a factor of personal sense of worth too. In other words, when you are active on social media, you want to make your interaction as appreciated and useful as it can be. 

But this asks an important question, especially at a time when you are probably planning for your summer break and wondering how to take the best holiday snapshot: How can you make your summer holiday content social media worthy? 

#1. Get The Basics Right

Nothing beats organization, especially when you want to use your digital presence to document your summer vacation. You need to review that your online presence is up for the challenge. Are you going to stick to social media or should it be a blog too?

But at the core of your decision comes the question of the documentation. What you report and in which form plays an essential part in how your audience will react. If you are traveling far, do make sure to document transport so that your followers – and readers if you’re choosing the blog option – can learn something in the process. 

Use the same accuracy and sense of details for your accommodation too. Remember that people want fun content but also something relatable. In other words, do give all contact details and prices related to your hotel and transport. 

#2. Show Out Of The Ordinary Scenes

Do you know what makes people want to follow your summer holiday account other than someone else’s? You need to share something out of the ordinary – think boat rentals out on the sea, or exotic cocktails on the beach. Nobody cares about a day-to-day holiday report that relates that the day is sunny, or that the sea is wet. You need to break the boundaries to select scenes that your followers and readers will not have the possibility to find in their everyday life. 

#3. Invest Time And Effort

One of the most important lessons in the blogging and social media industry – and whether you choose to do it as a business or as a passion – is to think before you share. Indeed, you need to be very aware that the digital world is a universe that has a long memory. Pictures of drunken parties, half-naked shots, and anything that shows disturbing imagery should not become public, as it will haunt you forever. 

The same argument applies to written content. You need to take the time to prepare something thoughtful and valuable for your audience. Additionally, you need to keep your content positive and light-hearted. Passive aggressive content will not attract you any social likes, and it's important to note that it may just create a bigger negative impact to your audience's emotions. 

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