State of California - Beyond The Basics

This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. Featured photo from Pixabay

It seems like you don’t need to have been to California to feel like you know it. Part of that may be that it’s had so many TV shows and movies set there - which makes sense, given the presence of Hollywood. It’s been immortalized in song by artists as diverse as Tupac, the Beach Boys and Tony Bennett.

It might feel like you could be planted in the middle of a street in Los Angeles or San Francisco and know your way around innately. That probably isn’t the case, but it feels true.

So let’s not talk about those two cities. They’ve got a lot going for them - but what could anyone tell you about them that you don’t already know? Instead, let’s focus on other parts of this huge, diverse state. Parts we don’t hear as much about - but maybe we should.

*By Devin Cook - Own work, Public Domain, Link


Here’s the thing about Anaheim - a lot of people know more than they think about it, because it’s rarely talked about directly. It’s home to Disneyland and all things Disney, and if you have kids it’s probably the first place in California you’ll head for. 

If you don’t? Well… do you like sports? You can watch the Anaheim Ducks (ice hockey) between October and April, or outside of those months, catch the Los Angeles Angels playing baseball. Yes, they’re called the Los Angeles Angels, but they’re actually based in Anaheim. They used to be the Anaheim Angels, and before that, the California Angels. Technically they’re now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Confused? Head for the Earl of Sandwich, a wonderful local cafe, while you mull over what to call them.

*Angel Stadium, Anaheim - Photo by Ray_LAC from Flickr

San Diego

The term “underrated” is a loaded one - it implies that something deserves more credit, while at the same time not being great enough to have earned it without debate. However, San Diego is underrated and is legitimately a wonderful place to visit. With one of the best zoos in all of America, and 14 (count ‘em) museums, including the thrilling Air and Space Museum, your biggest challenge while in San Diego will be narrowing down your itinerary.

Picking somewhere to eat will be another thorny issue. Whatever your preferred cuisine, be it Italian classics, soul food, or something freshly caught just off the coast, the only possible complaint you can have is being spoiled for choice. This city is heaven for gastronomes.

*Photo from Pixabay


Sports fans from outside the US may recognize the Pasadena Rose Bowl as the stadium where the soccer World Cup Final was held in 1994. It is a prestigious sports bowl with a near-100,000 capacity, and if you get a chance to take in a college football game featuring the UCLA Bruins, you really should. 

However, if you’re out of season there’s still plenty to appreciate - it’s a haven for shoppers who want Sunset Boulevard style without the crowds to match. Fans of architecture will also be in heaven here - the Art Deco style of the buildings is well worth the trip alone.

*By Bobak Ha'Eri - Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link

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