Real Talk: Confessions of a Photo Blogger - Care to Read? ;)

I have a confession to make. 

I'm stuck in a rut. Currently. I think we all have that feeling of being too comfortable with what we're doing everyday that somehow, we just get used to it. I can't remember the last time I actually went out of the house to do something different. I can't remember when I did anything else aside from stay home, sleep, wake up, work, help Reiko with his home works, clean the house, watch YouTube, movies, and blog. 

In short, I need a distraction. I need to go out and do something else. But the thing is I'm feeling lazy most of the freakin' time, and this rainy weather's totally not helping at all. I refuse to go on small trips around the city or out of town because I'm saving up for an upcoming big trip, which is next month. 

Mostly, this post is just me rambling because I don't have any new photos to share in this supposedly photo blog of mine. I haven't been touching my camera ever since I-don't-know-when, and it's like one of those seasons of life when you just have to slow down and rest. Is that terrible or what? 

I want to take new photos, and more photos. Right now, I'm mostly just looking back at old photos that I might not have used before, or might have used before but needs more editing, recycle them, and share some of them on Instagram, or here on my blog. I don't really have new ones. And sometimes I feel bad because I haven't been out shooting and practicing when I should be. Or is it just I put too much pressure on myself? 

The way I see it is that I'm not giving much effort into taking photos these days even when I'd love to. And there's the question of if you really love it, then why aren't you putting more effort? It's going around in circles. I think too much, I guess. But do I need to justify why I'm not going out a lot these days? #SeriousQuestion

I do have a personal project brewing, which involves going around my town, just to explore and take photos. I have to bring back the idea of intentionally looking for beautiful things in the neighborhood (and planning to drag my husband with me). I even called it #ILoveMyTown project. 

I've lived in this town for almost 7 years, yet I haven't really explored it that much. I pretty much know my way around but I believe there are still some places I don't realize actually exist. So there's that. I'm holding on to this project for now to keep my life interesting before I embark on my semi-solo trip next month in a whole new world. 

I really hope that it gets sunny soon enough because it would be a bummer to do a photowalk around town while raining. 

Now, since we're also in the topic of "confessions" - I have another one! I have a new blog! Yeah, as if a full-time job, blogging, mothering, and housewifery (I really thought I just made up this word but when I googled it, it actually exists!) are not enough. I even wanted to add one more job to my plate, just a part time one. 

But anyway, my new blog will be a lifestyle blog - just like the kind of blog I had before. I realized I missed that kind of chill blogging, ya know, no pressure kind of blogging, and just write-whatever you-want kind of blog without worrying about whether it will fit my niche or not. I'm still working on it but nothing fancy though - just another space to express the other side of my life. 

Soooo, if you've read until this part, you're the best! Thank you for visiting my blog. If you do have a blog, and are a silent commenter, please just comment below so I can visit your blog too. I'm usually delayed with commenting these days but I always visit and leave some comment love.

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