Mediterranean Medley: It's Time To Eat, Explore, and See

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The Mediterranean is a beautiful part of Europe and the perfect place for your next adventure. Almost entirely surrounded by land, the Med provides access to an array of European coastlines, cultures, and getaways. Whether you’re taking a week away to get to know this sunny part of Europe, or you plan on traveling there for a while, you’ll never be stuck for something to do, see, or eat when you’re in the Mediterranean. 

The following are some ideas and inspiration to take note of if you’re planning a vacation in the sunny part of the Atlantic. 


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Whether you enjoy pizza, obsess over tapas, or you can’t stop thinking about paella; the Mediterranean is bursting with fresh local produce and delicious recipes that are native to each of its countries. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to make a list of the destinations that you’re going to visit, and jotting down some recommendations that you find online, and from family and friends. If you're heading to Spain, you could check out the best restaurants in Spain list by for some inspiration on where to find the best seafood selection on your coastal adventure.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy will provide you with all of your Italian food dreams in one place. Pizza, pasta, and fresh fish are all there in abundance, and there’s a restaurant to suit every budget. If you’re heading a little more east, and Croatia is one of your ports of call, you’ll find a selection of delicious tapas cafes, fresh-caught lobster restaurants, and places that serve a hearty goulash for the weary traveler.

Maybe you could base your whole trip around the food you want to try and the Mediterranean restaurants you want to visit; there’s nothing like a bit of focus and a hungry stomach to power a vacation. Make your lists and itinerary before you leave, and you’ll be eating your way around the Med in an organized fashion (yum).


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With all your Mediterranean destinations being surrounded by the ocean, sailing to each of them is an apt way to travel. Take a look at some TV cruise deals by to discover all the different places you’ll be able to see in one trip, and how a cruise can be the best way to cram in all those restaurants that were previously mentioned. The Mediterranean is such a vast place, full of so many countries and coastlines; you’re best off planning on a particular area to travel to, or taking the opportunity to sail to a variety via a cruise ship.

Once your feet hit land, consider hiring a bike or a car, so that you can travel inwards and discover what other parts of each country has to offer (it’s also a route to some of the restaurants that keep popping up). If you are going to spend more than just a day visiting certain parts of the Med, embrace your adventurous side and see if there are any opportunities for a helicopter tour or an expedition on a seaplane. Taking the chance to travel a little differently at different intervals on your holiday will ensure that you make some incredible memories, and your photos will turn up a notch.


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One of the best things about traveling through the Mediterranean is the amount of history and culture there is to discover. Aside from breathtaking coastal views, and an array of terrains to photograph, the Med houses some beautiful art collections, museums, and ruins that will satiate your need for historical and cultural knowledge. 

Barcelona, in Spain, for example, offers all the delights of a scenic coastal city, along with plenty of art and architecture to behold. You can explore the modernist landmarks by Gaudi and take some quiet moments of reflection in the Sagrada Fam√≠lia church. Check out an insider's guide to Barcelona here: for even more inspiration. If you’re just craving a stunning vista, places like Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, Greece, and Manarola in Liguria, Italy provide the ultimate iconic picturesque settings that will not disappoint your camera. 

Islands like Menorca and Mallorca are the perfect little escapes for those who need sunshine and relaxation, so it’s worth looking into the smaller island getaways within the Med for a serene experience. Wherever you choose to visit in the Mediterranean, and however you chose to get there, make sure you’ve put enough effort into your planning so that you don’t miss anything out and can tick off everything on your travel wishlist.

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