Lightroom Edits: Of Pastel Squares and the Stories Behind

*This is not a tutorial. :) 

It's no secret that I love colors, and that I am forever experimenting with my photos and editing. I always like to have lots of options. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's confusing. I used to be so drawn to desaturated neutral colors, but I find that everybody does it. I wanted to try something different, and play with colors. 

I started by searching for inspirations online - mainly Instagram. I looked for colorful feeds, and tried to edit my photos with emphasis on colors, or pinkish, bluish, purple-ish pastels. My style is continuously evolving. Some people seem to be strongly against editing that will change the original colors of a photo, but to me, it's like recreating something that's in my mind. 

It's kind of creating a fantasy reality - if that ever makes sense. All the photos below were edited using Lightroom on my desktop. Over the years, I have collected several free and paid presets that I like. I even made my own pink presets which I mainly used for Instagram. ;) 

At first I thought that using presets is quite easy. I mean yeah it's easy in a way that you just install them and apply, just like how you apply filters on Instagram or VSCO. But not all presets look great on all photos so it's a bit of a challenge to adjust some properties like exposure, contrast, highlights, saturation, and split toning. 

Here are some of the photos that have been edited through Lightroom. I used a variety of pastel presets to recreate what I have in mind, and adjusted different properties to come up with what I like. The mood I'm going for is soft pastel, but for some photos, I like to bump up the saturation a bit. 

I've already edited these photos before, and one night when I was bored, I looked for the unedited copies then edited them again. Here are the newly edited photos. 

Post-processing can totally bring new life to photos! I love how they turned out. ;) It's exactly how I want them to be - the extension of my vision. Haha! ;) 

By the way, here are some of the original photos and colors. I know they're really different from the edited ones, but as I've explained in my previous post, filters and presets are great tools to add drama and flair to your photos. There's no need to go filter-crazy though. The way you edit your photos depends on your purpose or how you will use them, and what you want to convey to your audience. 

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