Exploring the Lovely Cuba: It's Good In... Any Season!

Havana, Cuba

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. All photos are from Pixabay

For every artistic endeavor in exploring different countries, you want to find a place that is supremely photogenic but gives you a fantastic vacation experience. Cuba is undoubtedly the place for that. Cuba is a hotbed for tourists because of the beautiful sunshine, and also its rich and varied history (which is important for you to be versed in if you intend on going). There are also some amazing sights to feast your eyes (and your lens) on.

Stroll Across The Malecon

Based in Havana, the Malecon is the equivalent of the strip in Las Vegas. Running for 5 miles, the Malecon sea wall runs along the coast of Havana and is a place to go and enjoy the diverse nightlife. If you were to go there past 10 p.m., you would find a collection of street vendors, musicians, and romantic rendezvous congregate at this beautiful area to either hang out or to just party through the night.

Malecon, Cuba

Relax In Cayo Santa Maria

A small island just north of Cuba, Cayo Santa Maria is part of what is called the King's Garden which was once a home to a lot of fishing villages and is now a place for a lot of tourism. You can look at Things To Do At Cuba Kings Garden from caribbeansbest.com, which has plenty more information of what you can do apart from relaxing in the sunshine. There are plenty of fantastic beaches with swaying palm trees, as well as that beautiful blue ocean with Cuba in the distance.

Cayo Santa Maria

Listen To Some Music (In Any Parts Of Cuba)

Probably one of the more exciting cultural highlights of modern Cuba is its rich tapestry of musicians, writers, and artists. You could stop at the famous club La Zorra y El Cuervo and experience first-hand the relaxing, yet hypnotic rhythms of Cuban music made famous by groups such as the Buena Vista Social Club, have a look at allmusic.com for a little bit of background into the music if you want to get schooled up. 

The different types of music you can get your hands on in Cuba includes Son music, Danzon, as well as the most famous ones like Jazz. As far as live music is concerned, Cuba is full of it.

music in Cuba

Go Hiking On Pico Turquino

If you like your photographer vacation with a bit of adventure and excitement, you could hike the Pico Turquino, which at 1974 meters is the highest point on the whole island. Be warned, it is a very challenging outdoor hike and can take its toll on you in the blistering heat so make sure you pack accordingly as well as making sure your camera is ready for those beautiful shots at the top.

Explore Ernest Hemingway's House

Finca Vigia was Hemingway's home from 1939 to 1960 which is now a museum dedicated to all things Hemingway. He wrote the vast majority of For Whom the Bell Tolls in this house and so for a bit of rich literature history close up, this isn't an experience to pass up as you can get an idea of how the man himself lived.

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