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sri lanka

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. 

One place which has grown in popularity as a holiday destination is Sri Lanka. With its stunning temples and gorgeous beaches, it’s definitely somewhere you could enjoy spending a week or two during your travels around Asia. 

However, a lot of people tend to stay in just one place. For example, they spend all their time in the capital Colombo. And while it’s amazing to visit, there’s so much more to Sri Lanka. Here is how you can see more during your trip to the country of Sri Lanka.

sri lanka

Hire a car for your visit

As it says on, it’s always a good idea to look into transport when you are visiting Sri Lanka. If you have to rely on public transport, you might find it hard to get around. The trains and buses can be rather slow. 

If you want to ensure you see the true beauty of Sri Lanka, you should consider hiring a vehicle. That way, you can go visit quieter areas without too much trouble. There are so many gorgeous areas in the north which are untouched by tourists. 

You can look around divine temples and do a spot of sunbathing without interruption. Of course, make sure you ensure you have a valid license which will enable you to drive during your trip!

Arrange a tour package for your holiday

It’s always good to be spontaneous when you go on your holiday. After all, it’s the best way to discover amazing places. But sometimes, a bit of organization can ensure you get to see the best areas of a place. You might not have been to Sri Lanka before so you won’t be sure about where to go. And it can mean you miss out on top areas. 

Rather than going with no plan, you might want to consider doing a tour package instead. It will ensure you can visit for a specific amount of time with planned activities. It will cover all the best places to see while you are in the country. You can look on sites like for some holiday tour packages which will ensure you see the best bits! And remember to discuss your criteria. That way, they will help you find a package which will suit your holiday requirements.

Befriend a local

One thing you might not know about Sri Lanka is that the people are quite friendly. They might be willing to strike up a conversation with you. To ensure you see more, try to befriend a local as they will know a lot more about the country, and can advise you on the best and worst places to visit. 

Chatting with someone who lives in the destination is bound to open you up to places you might not have heard about before. They might tell you about non-touristy areas you wouldn’t visit on a tour so that you don’t miss out on any hidden gems of the country.

sri lanka

And once you have finished in Sri Lanka, you should head to other divine destinations in Asia like Thailand!

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