Reiko's Fave Spaghetti with Jolly Pure Goodness Mushrooms

So where did June go again? It's insane that time flies so fast (as I always say). Things at home are sometimes messy or in chaos because of Reiko's early call time in school. I take every chance I can get to wake up at 6 AM, even though I usually sleep at 4 AM. Many times when I just can't bring myself to wake up that early, my husband and mother-in-law are there to help Reiko. 

On one of my previous posts, I shared a few baon ideas (plus got to practice a little bit of food photography). Sometimes we run out of baon ideas for him but it's important that he gets to eat right everyday. It's funny because in one of Reiko's class activities, they were asked to encircle which food/s can help them stay healthy. Reiko encircled hotdog, and pizza (his favorites!) and almost left out fruits and vegetables! Ouch! 


Over the weekend, we prepared one of Reiko's favorites - spaghetti! I initially wanted carbonara, but you know kids will always love spaghetti. Yesterday, I was on a holiday so I went to the nearby grocery store for some ingredients. Good thing everything was readily available. 

Since I had some #adulting stuff to do (not an excuse, lol) - my husband went ahead and cooked the spaghetti. We just used the pasta we have left, then I bought another 400g to add. I also decided to use the creamy spaghetti sauce from Del Monte so that I don't have to buy evaporated milk. So basically we had: 
  • 400g spaghetti pasta + 175g (leftover)
  • 500g creamy spaghetti sauce + another pack of 250g Italian sauce
  • about Php 30 ground pork
  • some hotdogs
  • some onions and other spices you put in a spaghetti
  • just enough of Jolly Mushrooms/Champignons (Pieces & Stems) 

Please don't trust me with measurements. Haha! Everything happened so quickly! Pasta was cooked in about 10 minutes, then comes the sauce. My husband just called me when it was all done. Then I just ate (which is what I'm good at). 

Here's how to make spaghetti in a couple easy steps. In our version, we added the Jolly Mushrooms because Reiko likes it! I think most people know how to cook spaghetti. It's a household favorite, plus it's so easy to cook. Even I who have zero cooking skills can probably nail it. Just kidding! I can nail it if someone helps me in the kitchen! ;) 

I commended my husband for cooking this, although it doesn't look photogenic. LOL. It tastes yummier than it looks though. Ya know, nobody's perfect! ;) 

I even practiced taking photos using my mobile phone. You can read it here - #Foodstagram. I'm not the best but I always try. 

*I received the Jolly Products in exchange for writing this blog post. As usual, all opinions are my own. Also, I finally decided to create a separate blog about lifestyle for my cooking adventures and other motherhood stuff, yay! Please do check it out at Flawsome Ninja. :)

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