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Father's Day is coming up real fast in this part of the world! Have you planned your activities yet? I've always believed that everyday should be Father's Day or even Mother's Day, but to dedicate one extra special day for the dads in our lives won't hurt, right? 

Somehow, it has been a tradition for us to do something special every Father's Day. It could be a dinner out, a home-cooked meal, or gift-giving. Just like us moms, dads also feel the need to be appreciated for what they do. I think it's a give and take kind of thing in the family. 

Every Father's Day, my little family either dines at a restaurant we like or just stay home, and cook our favorites. Sometimes, I'd leave a little note or letter for my husband. We try to keep it simple and memorable though. The little things always matter for us. 

Here's a short letter I wrote for my husband that first appeared here. It's true today as it was before, and will be forever.

Dear A, 

Our son and I are happy and blessed to have you. You're an awesome papa and husband too. The place that you hold in my mind is as big as the place that you hold in my heart. 

In case you don't know, there's another side of you that only shows when you are with our son. It's a side that I never realized I would be so happy to see. I know you only want the best for him. I understand that you only want him to experience the world, even though it's scary. It's okay if you think it's ridiculous for me to stop him from playing outside, for me to think that he shouldn't have wounded knees, and for me to not let him get a taste of a real childhood life. I now know you are right! 

No matter what we do, we can't stop our son from growing up. Thank you for helping me realize the bittersweet nature of parenthood and for sharing that bittersweetness with me all the time. 

They say nobody's perfect but to us you are the perfect papa, best friend, and playmate! Thank you for the love and care beyond compare. 

When our son was born, you were also born as a father - 5 years down, a lifetime to go! Every single day we celebrate your fatherhood. But today, let me just say Happy Father's Day! We love you and cheers to more years of being parents!

Yesterday, I browsed some of our earlier photos together! Facebook memories are so fun to review. I always get reminded of cute photos we had that I already forgot about. Haha!

(Reiko is 6 years old now.)

And of course, to my father - who has always been strict to my siblings and I - it made us stronger and appreciate life better. Thank you, Papa!

I don't give gifts all the time but when I do, I always choose something unique and quirky. I actually find it difficult to look for gifts for men. If you fancy giving gifts to your dad, husband, or the fathers in your life, there are so many thrift shops in-store, and online such as Gifts Less Ordinary. They have so many personalized items that are perfect for your loved ones!

*Here are my personal favorites which are all personalized (from left-right)

1) Collar Stiffeners 2) Phone & Coin Tray 3) Cafetiere for Dad 4) Leather Braided Bracelet 5) 'Best Dad' Whisky Glass 6) Watch Box (For 3 watches)

Remember, more than these gifts, your gifts of love, time, and respect are more important. Happy Father's Day to the dads in your life, and to all moms, or anyone who are and have been taking on a dad's role. ♥♥♥


This post is sponsored by Gifts Less Ordinary but the text and thoughts written here are all my own. 

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