Photos Mood Board: Construction Show Cebu Remains Relevant at 25


Last week, Construction Show Cebu (CEBUCON) took the center-stage at the Sky Hall and Mountain Wing Atrium in SM Seaside City to celebrate its 25th year of "building business networks in the construction industry in the Southern Philippines."

So you might be asking why I'm featuring this on my blog, right? When I heard that there's going to be a construction show, I immediately wanted to attend. I have always wanted to build or design my own house and I wanted to get inspirations from the show. Aside from that, I've heard that CEBUCON only shows the best of the best so I was all set to take photos of the things that I want for my future house (whenever that future may be, lol). 

The exhibit was organized by L.A. Ducut & Company, Inc. with its managing director, Lilibeth D. Abais, and in collaboration with Hardwares Consolidated, Inc. (HCI) to showcase product solutions, innovations, and expertise that meet the current and future demands of the local construction industry.

I cannot memorize all the exhibitors because there were a lot but I took snaps of those that sparked my interest. These photos all go to my mood board! 

To start with, let me just tell you that I'm so obsessed with wooden floors (or anything that looks like wood) so this first photo isn't a surprise anymore. I can imagine that they're very easy to clean! Sheesh, badly want! Money, I need you now! 

TILES. TILES. TILES! You can never have enough in the house! I really love the brick designs.


The flowers were so pretty but they're exhibiting the wood, not the flowers. ;) I have so much love for wood you know so I'd take this table anytime. 

ANOTHER SET OF TILES! So many options to choose from. The entire exhibit was like a living Pinterest, I cry! 

MY FAVORITE!!! You know I badly want to paint the entire house now but I'm really deciding between paint and wallpapers. These wallpapers are kind of expensive (although I haven't really tried checking other brands yet) but look at them, they're so elegant and beautiful! Can you spot the brick designs again? And the floral ones? Win!

These are all from Paper and Wallpaper & Supplies - They're also eco-friendly and have anti-bacterial properties. 


This mini-house was so cute that I just had to take a photo.

And there you have it - my snapshots from the show! Do you also like going to these kinds of exhibits? I do! And even without exhibits like these, I'd always visit hard wares or furniture showrooms just to window shop. ;) 

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