Pre-Mother's Day Tea Party with Cebu Marriott & Etiquette De Manille

I've never been to a tea party. I don't even drink tea at all (except maybe iced tea) so when I got an invite for Cebu Marriott Hotel's Tea Party, I immediately wanted to join. First, I could bring Reiko with me and it would serve as our bonding time. Second, I'm actually writing content about tea (and coffee) for my client's website so I thought it would be cool to experience what I've been reading for quite some time now. 

All photos were taken using my mobile phone, Oppo F1s. Since the lighting was so dreammyyyy, it wasn't exactly very bright for photo sesh but I got some decent photos. ;) 

The event was a Pre-Mother’s Day afternoon tea party with Image and Etiquette Professional, Ms. Pauli Antoine of Etiquette de Manille. It was a delightful afternoon of learning internationally accepted table manners, social graces, as well as poise and etiquette to guide the parents and kids through daily social interactions such as during a children’s party, a business lunch, a formal dance, or dinner.

cebu marriott hotel tea party 2017

Ms. Pauli Antoine, is the President of Etiquette de Manille and Red Archon. She is the skilled craft smith behind the portrayals of fashion and business and political icons. She is a regular columnist of F&B World Magazine, and a contributor of Food Magazine, Asian Dragon, and Smart Parenting. Check her out here

*Reiko & I, with Ms. Pauli Antoine

Although I didn't expect anything grand from the event, I knew it would be because Cebu Marriott Hotel is one of the best in Cebu! I was right - it was indeed a grand and dreamy kind of afternoon. A few weeks back, I wrote about tea etiquette on my client's website and I was so thrilled to experience an actual party and learning about tea etiquette first-hand. I really enjoyed it because I saw that Reiko enjoyed it too! 

The table arrangement was lit! 

I really wanted to bring home these geometric candle holders. Lol

And of course, we loved the food so much! It was my first time to drink warm green tea. Ever since I started reading about tea, I've learned so much about its health benefits, plus its caffeine content is not like that of coffee that'll make you dizzy (or at least in my case). 

To my surprise, Reiko loved the warm tea too! I have to put up the video real soon because he was the one mostly talking. ♥ 

Reiko & I had an amazing time learning (and eating & drinking, lol). I was also with one of my blogger friends, Jhanis of The Missus V - in case you don't know that she has a new blog.

*Hello Mr. Photobomber ;) 

Thank you so much to Cebu Marriott Hotel in collaboration with Dilmah Tea, and Etiquette de Manille for having us. To learn more about Etiquette de Manille, you may check their Facebook page

And to all moms in the world, Happy Mother's Day everyday. These flowers are for you. Whatever happens, know that we're all in this entire motherhood thing together!

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