What's Wrong With The World? Photos of Hope + My Thoughts Currently

Lengthy post. And not something I'd usually write here, but everything I wrote just now is on the fly and whatever's in my mind, along with seven photos of hope below. These are photos that you might have already seen before. Seven - because it's my lucky number.

This week has given me so much mix of emotions that I find myself always staring blankly somewhere; always spaced out. Insane, I know. As much as possible, I don't want to be too emotional in a public space (that's just me, btw) but my Facebook feed is filled with so much hate right now that I even wanted to deactivate it because as much as I wanted to ignore things, I just couldn't. So I'm using my blog because at least, this space is mine.

*People build too many walls but not enough bridges. Walk through this life and cross it even when you're scared. Eventually, you will reach the other side. 

Thankfully, I guess, my burning madness didn't come to the point of deactivation. I simply just tried to ignore and not comment on anything anymore, but that doesn't mean that I don't care. Of course, you are also probably shaken by the successive terrorist acts that have been happening in the world lately. Yeah, they have been happening ever since, and some people are probably already used to them (which is sad that it has to be that way).

But it's totally different when it's happening in your own country - in a much bigger and more threatening scale than ever. News about a terrorist rebel group believed to be ISIS sympathizers trying to invade Marawi City (and unfortunately somehow succeeded) broke the entire country last Tuesday. There were armed men, displaced innocent civilians, bombings, gunshots, fires, and other evil doings -- when our president was on his way to Russia for an official visit. And then followed by a declaration of Martial Law in the entire island of Mindanao - my hometown, where my entire family is.

*I hope people affected by terrorism and other evil things in the world will be back to their normal lives sooner. 

What is happening to the world? I asked. But then again, this was the same question I had years ago. Being from Mindanao, terrorism is not new to me. I can probably consider myself lucky or blessed that I haven't experienced any traumatic situations before. I lived in GenSan City, studied college in Davao City, and my life was generally peaceful compared to other towns and cities in Mindanao.

Those were years ago! I do remember at least 3 instances of bombing in my hometown but after that, security has been stricter, and I am thankful for that. Terrorism is still present in many parts of Mindanao, and has even crossed over the Visayas via Bohol last month. Thankfully it was controlled and stopped. I felt safer in my hometown though. I'm very used to rigid checkpoints, K9 dogs roaming around shopping malls, and bomb squad vehicles on standby all the time. But I can't speak for everyone in Mindanao because GenSan is just a very small city.

*A reminder that no matter how slippery the road of life is, we still have a choice to keep believing in good things and to move on. 

Those are things that my husband was amazed of whenever he'd visit my hometown. I didn't realize that he wasn't used to those things having grown up and lived in Cebu or the Visayas region his entire life where terrorism doesn't really happen. Cebu has its own issues, but that's another story.

So to speak, terrorism never ceased. If any, I think it might have just strengthened. I used to know only 1 or 2 rebel groups before, but through the years they have spread like gremlins, like super villains in a movie - only that this is real life we're talking about.

*Everyone can be a superhero in his/her own way. We all just need to do our part to make this world a better place. 

I don't pretend to understand what has happened between the government and these terrorist people. I don't know everything. I won't even try to explain Martial Law here. Because what I'm writing here now is triggered by an interview of a refugee that I've watched online just earlier. He's one of us. He's from Mindanao - the place where I grew up. He's a Filipino. He was blessed to escape Marawi and thankfully has brought his family with him, albeit without anything on hand. And his relatives are still stuck in a war-torn city.

I wept. I wept so hard. My heart bleeds for my fellow countrymen just as much as it bleeds for all the victims of terrorism around the world. I looked at the photos of people leaving Marawi and I saw a picture of Syria in my head, probably a smaller scale. But it doesn't matter if it's big or small scale, because there are innocent people dying, and suffering, and it's just bullshit.

*And of course for all believers, faith and prayers are the best weapons. 

And it doesn't help that most people on social media are throwing hate messages to each other, calling each other names, trashing (constructive criticism is different) the political parties they don't support as if it's going to help at all. Ugh, it's disgusting! This country just can't unite, and sadly even during a time like this when the best thing we can probably do is to be one and be supportive of each other, instead of attacking each other personally (and most of the time, behind the screens at that).

I just don't understand. But I still want to be a Filipino. I still want to be a citizen of this country, even though at times I think of migrating to Madagascar and just be an animal in the jungle. My heart's bleeding for every soldier who had and has to sacrifice his/her life so that we can live. My heart aches when I see photos of the military and police who were deployed to protect us from danger, knowing that they're doing service for the country, and not knowing if they will return home to their families alive.

*Even in darkness, there's still light.. hope. 

I can't believe I feel this pain right now. I've been having personal issues lately but when I think of all the people who are in way more difficult situations than I am now, I tell myself that I've no right to complain about my life. It's way more comfortable than what they are experiencing right now.

And even as I'm writing this, I still have tears in my eyes. What has become of this world? I'm concerned and bothered for my son, and for all the children of the world who have to grow up in such hostile communities.

I really just hope that things will be better soon, and I hope that those who are in power to make decisions for our country be blessed with the right minds to decide for the best of everyone. And I promise to do my part as a citizen of this country, of the world.

*Remember that no matter how long and difficult the night is, the sun will always shine and give us all a new day. A new beginning. ♥

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