Who Are Your Insta Life Inspirations + A Few Words About #FeedGoals

One thing I've learned about photo blogging is that you've got to extend your material or your photos to your social media sites too. And I believe that doesn't only apply to photo blogging alone. It also applies to all forms of blogging. Being a photography enthusiast, it's not surprising that I love Instagram! In fact, I've been closely monitoring my blog Instagram account ever since I started it last year. 

Previously, I talked about an app that I use to plan my Instagram feed and to make my feed more cohesive, organized, and aesthetically-pleasing. You can read my post here (and why I care so much about my feed) > Preview App. If you're really up for it, it's not that easy! The struggle is so real from choosing which photos to go with the theme to not being tempted to just post whatever you like. 

One of the things I keep doing is to look for inspirations or as they say -- #FeedGoals. There are a lot! And it can be overwhelming and sometimes disappointing because you'd feel like you are never going to be like them or that you are never going to achieve their level of greatness. LOL

News Flash! You don't have to be like them! You can create your own Instagram feed that reflects your personality. 

I keep reminding myself of this because the truth is, you can never be everyone and everything at once. I find that the best way to go about creating your feed is to just decide and stick to it. And stop obsessing about it. I'm guilty as charged of Instagram obsession which is why I always tell myself to calm down - it's not the end of the world! 

So if you're currently looking for inspirations, here are some of my many favorite Instagram #FeedGoals. 

I love @cestmaria's pastel theme and it's been one of my top pegs ever since! It's just so hard to keep that theme if you frequently travel because a lot of what you see outdoors are mostly bright blues and greens so I guess it's up to you how you edit your photos. Also, @katgaskin's bright tropical theme is a breath of fresh air in an Instagram world of neutral colors and minimalism (not that I don't like neutral or minimalist, see below). 

instagram feed goals

Local Instagram stars Kimi and Verniece are also among those I look up to. Too pretty to be true feeds but I'm digging the light and pastel colors (as always). 

instagram feed goals

Another tropical feed I follow is Lauren's (@gypsea_lust) plus the color scheme of her feed is so lovely! Also, I find Stella Marie's feed so unique! I mean it's so hard to maintain a light orange-y Insta feed. It's so beautiful! 

instagram feed goals

Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) is not your average Instagrammer! His feed pretty much looks similar to Lauren's because they're soulmates, yeah but his personality still shines through his feed. Love it! Last but not the least is my ever-favorite Dana (@wonderforest) as she's able to maintain her all-white and bright, airy feed. Looking good! 

instagram feed goals

Now, I feel like I'm an Instagram feed reviewer! Remember that when you have inspirations, you don't have to copy every single thing. You can derive what you want from different feeds and apply them to your own so that you can keep your own personality. 

I'm not an Instagram star so I'm not the best person to tell you how to perfectly achieve these feed goals but all I can say is that if you want to stick to a theme, the basic things to do are choose a color scheme that looks good when viewed on the Instagram grid, space out photos so they don't look crowded, choose your own style or niche (travel-related photos, food, fashion, etc), and post only the ones that fit your theme! Comment below for any tips you can add! :) 

Also, even though Instagram is filled with so many beautiful photos, only a very small part of it actually represents "reality" so I think it's important not to go overboard and still be realistic, or I guess make it more of a representation of your life. That's just me though. At the end of the day, it's still your choice to make. ;) 

And oh, it's totally perfect not to have a theme if that's what you feel like doing. Don't feel like you are required to do this. You're not; unless you're trying to up your Insta game. Again, it's your preference. 

Off to you! Comment below and share who your Insta inspirations are and I'll make sure to check them out if I haven't yet. And if you wanna be Insta friends, I'm @blissfulsnapshots. 

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