How To Have The Most Beautiful Time In Greece

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. All photos are from Pixabay

Greece is an absolutely gorgeous country, there’s no doubt about that. However, a few different factors can affect the time you have here. This post will help you to have the best time in Greece so you can really get the most out of your experience! 

Go At The Right Time Of Year

If you want to have a beautiful time in Greece, then you need to make sure you go at the right time for what you plan on doing. Late May to early October will give you warm weather and little rain, and many say this is the best time to go. 

Swimming is best in July, August, and September, so if you want to swim and enjoy the sea/pools then this is best for you. August is the busiest, most expensive time to visit but is the best time to go if you like to party. 

If you’re going for sightseeing and exploration rather than a beach trip, you will need warm, pleasant weather rather than scorching hot. April, May, October, and early November are the best times for touring the sights. When will you visit?   

Make Like The Greeks And People Watch

If you enjoy a good coffee, make sure you take the time to sit down and enjoy one with friends here. There’s nothing the people of Greece enjoy more than having a nice coffee and a good chat while watching the world go by. There’s no better place to do it either!  

Visit Some Of The Most Beautiful Places Greece Has To Offer

Greece has some gorgeous places on offer, such as Santorini with its black, red, and white volcanic beaches and perfect white buildings. 

Make sure you visit a place called Oia for an incredible sunset that you won’t forget in a hurry. 

Enjoy Some Glitz And Glam

Mykonos is one of the most glam places Greece has to offer, filled with chic beach clubs and luxury Mykonos villas. The maze-like streets are a joy to walk through. If you want to hit the town, make sure you really dress up and dance the night away. 

See Some Sights That Will Blow Your Mind

There are some sights in Greece that will take your breath away. Try Corfu on a scooter, or  follow the goats in Paxos. Paxos is Greece’s best kept secret! It’s perfect for solo travelers, as there are so many places to sit and think. You could take some beautiful pictures or journal. Greece is also a wonderful place to try island hopping. Don’t forget to take a fully charged camera or some spare film, as you’re going to want to document everything you see! 

It would be pretty impossible to have a bad time in Greece, but the more you know, the better. Now you can book your holiday to Greece with total confidence, and enjoy your time there as much as possible! Have you been to Greece in the past? Leave your thoughts, suggestions, and comments below! 

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