Do You Also Have These Photography Struggles? Read On!

photography struggle

I've always admired different types of visual arts - obviously, photography is one that I admire most. I also admire the work that photographers put into their masterpieces. It's a challenging skill and there are a lot of things to consider such as light, environment, composition, and style, among others. 

I totally enjoy taking photos but sometimes it can also be taxing when you see that you're not getting what you want. There are definitely struggles along the way! Here are just some of mine and I'm hoping that I eventually overcome them one day at a time. 

DSLR vs. Mobile? 

The struggle comes from the fact that I just can't decide. I really want to practice using my DSLR and master the settings but there are also times when I want to see the potential my mobile phone has in terms of photography. 

As you know, with the rise of high-end mobile phone cameras lately, mobile photography is becoming the trend as it's more convenient to lug around, a lot cheaper than DSLRs, and can also take decent to superb photos (depending on the phone you have).

When I bring my DSLR, I also take photos using my phone so it's kinda difficult to switch from one medium to another, which is why I really have to decide or choose whether I want to use the DSLR or the mobile phone in a certain occasion. 

Photography Style 

I'm not very sure how to go about this. Perhaps because I don't really know what my style is. I haven't found or discovered a signature style yet because I tend to just experiment and take photos of whatever seems to be interesting to me. I'm not very intentional with the subjects or objects I shoot. I just shoot whatever is there.

Although this doesn't seem to bother me too much right now, it's still at the back of my head and I truly want to find my "calling" soon. ;) 

photography struggle


Just like with my photography style, I also still haven't decided what style I really like when editing. I'm still trying to get the hang of post-processing or editing my photos. Lightroom seems to be the tool of the trade and so it's what I practice on most of the time. 

For my mobile photos, I've practiced using lots of different photo editing apps but mainly, I'm still using Lightroom. Basically, my editing style varies for each platform. I have a different style for my blog photos and a different one for my Instagram photos. I don't know if I should just stick to one or what. Maybe yes, maybe no. 

photography struggle

Photo Storage & Organization

I can't stand it if my photos are all around the place. I have to have them all in one place - organized and stored safely. But of course, I should know better that my photos shouldn't just be in one place... because, backup! 

I've run out of space on my Dropbox account and no, I'm not going to purchase more space. So I've shifted to Google Photos and saved some of my photos on Flicker, and my hard drive. A lot of my photos are also on my Facebook too! Ahhhh, this is going to be part of my life forever! Haha! I've got to make a fool-proof system for this. 

Finding Time

This probably sounds like an excuse more than a struggle for some. But for a full-time work-at-home mom like me who hustles daily, it might be tough to dedicate some time to go out and practice shooting. I'm more of the outdoor photography kind of person, so I don't really get inspired to take photos when I'm just in the four corners of my home. I need to be out and about.

Timing is very important in photography. One blink of an eye might be all it takes to lose the chance to photograph something beautiful. There are times when I just fall short of my own expectations, that I have absolutely no new photos to share, and that I really struggle to make time to shoot in my daily life. It's not just the struggle that's real; the juggle is real too! 

But I'm working on it! I already have a personal project in mind that will allow me (hopefully) to practice using my camera more. So yeah, we gotta do this girl! 

photography struggle

And that's about it! What are your personal struggles when it comes to photography? What have you done so far to overcome them? Share in the comments section below. ;) 

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