5 Online Photo-Sharing Sites or Platforms That Are Worth Trying

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Where do you usually share your photos? Millions of photos are shared to social media every second, minute, or hour. For a hobbyist like me, I share my photos in quite a lot of social media networks. Some serve as my mini-portfolio, some as my storage space, some are just for personal sharing, and others turn out to be my sources of wealthy inspiration - a feast to the eyes and soul! 

Too many photos can be overwhelming. I try to vary the photos I share in each social media platform so that people or followers will see different things. Although cross-sharing is a great idea, it's also nice when you give your followers a variety of photos to see so that they have something to look forward to from each of your social media account. 

If you post just the same photos on all your social media platforms every single time, then your followers might as well just follow you on either Facebook or Instagram. Of course, they can follow you on both, but different platforms also have different audiences so that's also something to consider. 

Aside from my blog, here's my list of photo-sharing platforms or websites that are worth trying. Facebook and Instagram are pretty obvious though, so I hope you discover something here that you might want to use in the future. 

1. Facebook 

a) Profile

As I mentioned, this one's obvious and pretty much what most people use. There's also the advantage of having more exposure because your Facebook friends are mostly people you know so they are likely to hit like and share your photos. 

I use my Facebook profile mainly for personal photos or snapshots that I usually don't bother editing anymore. It's for personal safekeeping, sharing, and maybe for a trip down memory lane in the future. 

b) Page

For more blog related photos, I usually use my Facebook page. This is where most of my edited photos are posted. Most of the time I share photos of my travels and adventures, as well as my street photography attempts. This is best if you want to have a separate platform for your personal life and blog life (which is also best recommended). 

The good thing is if you feel that your Facebook profile audience can also benefit from what you posted on your page, you can cross-share it. Everybody's happy! 

c) Groups

From time to time, I join photography groups or communities. This is one sure way to get your photos out there. You can even get some input from those who are more experienced and adept in this field. You can gain additional knowledge about photography by asking for feedback and eventually, it may help you improve your craft. 

I suggest you choose Facebook groups that have realistic rules and are free from unnecessary drama. ;) Recently, I joined a local group called Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs where I share my mobile phone photos from time to time and also get so much inspiration from other shutterbugs. It's only for mobile phone photographers so I don't really share as much photos there because I mostly use my DSLR nowadays. It's a great group of like-minded, passionate, and encouraging individuals. 

cebu mobile shutterbugs

2. Instagram

This is my favorite photo-sharing site because I can be creative with my photos and my feed. I think this is most people's favorite too. In fact, the words Instagram-worthy and Instagrammable have been added to the urban dictionary because of  people's addiction and sometimes obsession to Instagram. 

5 Online Photo-Sharing Sites or Platforms That Are Worth Trying

I know Instagram has been too crowded with fake accounts and spammers but when you know who to follow, you will surely find the best inspirations out there. I have so many favorites and it always takes me a lifetime to go over my feed because of so many wonderful photos. 

It's hard to create a legit social following on Instagram especially that it's a follow basis. I joined an Instagram community called Starting to Click and I've been so happy with it. I've met some great people in that community with equally great photos too! I like that Moose (the founder) and the entire community encourages everyone to be better not just by sharing photos but also by sharing best practices and tips. 

5 Online Photo-Sharing Sites or Platforms That Are Worth Trying

3. Flickr

I've recently just uploaded my photos to Flickr. I always didn't find time to share my photos there until lately. In fact, I had to create a second account because I totally forgot the log-in credentials for the first. 

It's an amazing photo gallery with so much inspiration. They say that Flickr's dying due to the rise of more popular social media accounts but I think a lot of pro photographers are still using it especially those who have built a solid following. 

Unlike Facebook though where the quality of your photos is reduced, Flickr renders them clear and crisp. The goals are clear too - "to help people make their photos available to the people who matter to them" and "to enable new ways of organizing photos and video."

I basically just started so I have a whopping zero follower/s! LOL! My Flickr account 

5 Online Photo-Sharing Sites or Platforms That Are Worth Trying

4. Viewbug

Viewbug is so much fun! There are several contests and challenges you can take part of, plus other members can give you cute awards that you can also give back if you like. There are awards like Peer Award, Magnificent Capture, Absolute Masterpiece, Top Choice, and many others. 

There are also amazing prizes for the contests! You have to be really good to win! I haven't participated in any contests or challenges yet but I'm planning to explore more often in the next few days. This is another awesome source of inspiration. 

5 Online Photo-Sharing Sites or Platforms That Are Worth Trying

5. Google Local Guide

Thanks to Drift Stories, I discovered Google Local Guide when I joined a photo walk last year. I have to say it's a unique way to get your photos out there! After all, people search Google daily to look for places, right? So why not help them find the best spots in town through your photos? 

According to their website, Google Local Guide is "a global community of explorers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps." This helps people "find the best spots in town, make new friends, and unlock exclusive benefits along the way." 

There are also 5 levels based on your points and contributions. I'm still at Level 2 and working on it! 

5 Online Photo-Sharing Sites or Platforms That Are Worth Trying

5 Online Photo-Sharing Sites or Platforms That Are Worth Trying


Which website or platform is your preference for photo-sharing? How about for photo inspirations? Share down below and I'll go check it out too! :) 

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