Kalye Serye Cebu: Enter My Mind of Colors For A While, Will You?

I love colors. This explains why I rarely use black, white, gray, or anything super dark in my photos. Usually, my photos are of different hues because that's how I want them to be. In the course of my daily experimentation with photography, sometimes I get bored with the usual blue, green, or brown colors. 

Don't get me wrong - I love earth colors and yes, blue of course! But I find that over the years, I'm really more attracted towards things of color, which is why when I take random photos, I tend to transform them into something colorful! I don't know; maybe I really just want to look at things differently. 

Today's Kalye Serye is a collection of some of my favorite photos which I edited and transformed into colorful photos. Most of the photos were taken using my mobile phone. 

1) This was just a random photo I took during a children's party. It was raining and gloomy but as you know (or not), I was a tree in my previous life that's why I always have an urge to photograph trees, branches, leaves, roots, or whatever part of a tree. 

2) This was one of the photos I took when I was at Angkor Thom in Siem Reap. The temple ruins were amazing and magnificent!

3) This was a very old photo from when we hiked to Osmeña Peak two years ago. That time, it was cold and foggy but the original photo looked so boring and hazy so I really just added a tinge of pink to it. ;)  

4) When we had our overnight stay at JPark Island Resort for Reiko's birthday three weeks ago, we took a night stroll around. It was super quiet and dark that it was so hard to take photos. Then we saw this - Havana by The Sea! It looked so peaceful. The original photo was really just pitch black save for the lights coming from the lamp post and Havana. 

5) And yesterday, I was at JPark again with some blogger friends for the official opening of Havana by The Sea! It wasn't quiet at all because there was a long weekend party! It's been so long since I attended a foam party and yet I only stayed in the area for 10-15 minutes. Dang I'm getting old-er! Nonetheless, I enjoyed those 15 minutes, lol. The rest of the time, we were just drinking at the bar and listening to surprisingly good music.

The colors here weren't edited though. I just bumped up the clarity.

6) So I've mentioned earlier that I was a tree in my previous life, this is another proof of it. I was a tree attracted to lights and colors. 

7) You need more proof? Here's another one from when we spontaneously attended an Earth Day Celebration at Ayala Terraces last month. 

8) At first, there was just a little show of pink sky during sunset. I found it too beautiful not to capture, but I wanted it to be more intense so I ended up doing this instead. This was just one Saturday at SM City, outside Starbucks Northwing. 

9) You can probably say I love pinkish skies but I don't usually see one, so tada! I'm creating one!

10) I wasn't good with capturing these lights. I didn't bring a tripod with me and I got a little scared because it was too quiet and dark, but I was mesmerized with the lights and the colors (again) so I just had to take a shot. 

This photo is too hazy and doesn't do it justice. It's really so beautiful when you see it in person. It's like being in a fairy land!

11) Do you wanna know what my mind looks like when I'm confused and I don't know what to do? This photo is the best representation. 

12) This was another photo I took while riding a motorcycle going to Osmeña Peak. We were trying to chase the sunrise but we caught it while we're on the road. The sky was really burning that time! It wasn't pink for sure but the clouds really looked like that, it's on fire! 

13) My recent favorites are these two photos. When Reiko was younger, he would always point at this and tell me it's a castle! This is actually a pink church in our town proper, just 10 minutes away from home. 

It was gloomy when I took the photos but I do agree it looked a little like the castles from Disney! Until now, Reiko calls it a castle.

And there you go! If you've read this far and have seen all the photos, I'd say you have entered my mind even just for a few seconds or minutes so thank you! ;) 


Kalye Serye, formerly Snapshots Saturday, is a bi-weekly blog series featuring my street photography venture. Kalye (street) and Serye (series) aims to build and promote social awareness in the community and the world by creating and sharing meaningful photographs.

Street photography is mainly the act of taking photos candidly which doesn't necessarily have to happen in the streets all the time. Read more about it here - Why Street Photography?

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