How To Create & Maintain A Photo Blog That's Distinctly Your Own

How To Create & Maintain A Photo Blog That's Distinctly Your Own

When I started Blissful Snapshots, my only goal was just to share my adventures through snapshots and write about what my photos meant to me. Eventually, I became more encompassing and so I decided to share my photo blog with every adventurer and shutterbug who, like me, finds joy in creating meaningful photos and sharing them to the world. 

Because I refuse to flood my personal Facebook profile with random photos and other shenanigans, photo blogging seems to have worked in my favor. With the term photo blog or photo blogging, what immediately comes to mind is a form of blogging that involves more photos than words. But being a writer by heart (and now by profession), I cannot just post my photos and not say anything about them.

I wanted to create my own kind of photo blog that's quite different from others. In short, I wanted to deviate from the norms and not follow the technical definition of a photo blog. Right now, I'm happy with the direction my blog's going and I'm not really dreaming of unrealistic things to happen for my blog. I just want to take things one day at a time and follow my own pace. 

So if you're looking into creating a photo blog but you don't exactly know what it entails or what it means, then just stop thinking about the definition and create your own instead. Below are some of the things I considered when building my very own photo blog that I can say is successful in its own way based on the goals I have in the beginning. 

1. Start with a blog name that speaks to you and can represent your blog. 

I know how choosing a blog name can be a tedious process. You have to check if it's unique enough or if it rolls off the tongue quite easily. Technical stuff aside, you also have to make sure that it's going to represent the feel you want for your blog. This basically applies to all forms of blogging but since I specifically wanted to create a photo blog, I thought of a name that represents photography or the art of taking photos. 

Since I also want the feel of my blog to be happy and colorful, I thought that "blissful" was the perfect word and since I'm going to post more of my photos, I added the word "snapshots" to complete the feel I was aiming for. 

I also feel like Blissful Snapshots is an extension of my personality because I'm naturally a happy person - meaning no fuss and no unnecessary drama kind of person so I want my blog to have an air of openness and excitement in every adventure I take. I think that if your blog name represents your personality, it's easier for your readers to relate and be one with you in your blogging journey. 

How To Create & Maintain A Photo Blog That's Distinctly Your Own
*Photo credit - Kaboompics

2. Add a distinct flair to your photo blog. 

The concept of originality is a never-ending topic especially in the world of blogging and social media. Being inspired is totally different from being a mere copycat. But sadly, there will always be copycats and I better leave it at that for now. ;) 

Adding something unique to your photo blog is a way to differentiate yourself in a sea of bloggers in the digital world. When I say unique, I mean something you have on your blog that you really initiated because you have a purpose. It might be hard to seem unique these days but my point here is that, do something that's so YOU and that's not just copied right off the bat. 

In my case, I started my own blog photography series called Kalye Serye that focuses on my street photography attempts. Creating a blog series is not new. Street photography is not new. If you're from the Philippines, for sure you know "Kalyeserye" as popularized by the noon time show Eat Bulaga featuring Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards but of course, that was a segment of a noontime show and not a blog series.

How To Create & Maintain A Photo Blog That's Distinctly Your Own

Nothing's probably new or unique about that, you may say. But for me, what's unique is the aim of this series to build and promote social awareness in the community and the world by creating and sharing meaningful photographs. Another thing is the way I present my photos and my writing style. My photos and my writing style are my own. 

Kalye Serye, although not copyrighted, is something I can call distinctly my own and a lot of my readers have already identified this particular photo blog series as "mine".

3. Tell a story through your own words. 

There are different types of photo blog. You can have a lifestyle photo blog, food photo blog, fashion photo blog, or even pet photo blog. There's no limit as to what you can photo blog about especially that every mobile phone seems to have a good enough camera to snap photos. Blissful Snapshots is an adventure photo blog. This is where adventures and photography intersect. 

There's also no limit as to what you want to do with your photo blog. Some of the things I've observed from photo blogs are: 

  • One photo per blog post and totally wordless
  • One photo per blog post with information about the camera and settings used
  • One photo per blog post detailing the story behind the photo
  • Photo dumps - posting all photos in one blog post (with or without stories)

How To Create & Maintain A Photo Blog That's Distinctly Your Own

You see? You can do anything but just because it's a photo blog doesn't mean you have to skimp on words even if you want to tell a story. Photos tell a story, yes. But don't words also tell? Yes! For Kalye Serye, I usually let the photos do the talking but I never hesitate to use my own words to describe the photos and the experience I had behind all the photos I shared. 

If you are also concerned about Google and SEO, it might hurt your website or your blog if you don't accompany photos with words. After all, long-form quality content is still king. 

4. Photo blogging is not just for the expert photographers. 

One of the things that I discovered from photo blogging is how my photos evolved from the very first day I started this blog. It's a nice discovery! Even though I cringe at some of my old photos, I still take pride in knowing that I've improved and I've come quite a long way from being totally clueless to having gained the basic knowledge about photography. 

With this discovery, I want to say that photo blogging is not just for the adept and highly-skilled bloggers or photographers. It's also for people (like me) who aim to improve their photography skills and share their photos to the world. It can also be for those who are sometimes speechless with the wonders of this world that they choose to show how they feel through photos (this is me most of the time).

How To Create & Maintain A Photo Blog That's Distinctly Your Own

With my photo blog, I don't want to give the impression that I'm a photographer. Because I'm not. In fact, I refer to myself as a shutterbug. By definition, a shutterbug is an amateur or avid photography hobbyist who loves taking photos of everyday life or common things. I still experiment with my style. I'm not always artistic. I'm in a path to discovery. 

It's understandable when some photos are not perfect. For me, the important thing is that you continue to learn and improve. Remember that this is not a photography portfolio where you only showcase your best photos. This is a photo blog. You are still blogging but only with more photos to show. ;) 

I think it's nice if your photo blog will also showcase your photo evolution. It's historic. It's a learning experience. Someday you will look back and see how much you have improved and be proud of it. 

5. Share behind the scenes! 

Behind the scenes are what I call the experiences you have while photo blogging. Apart from sharing photos on your blog that can inspire your readers, try to add value to your photo blog by writing something that will benefit your readers too. 

Some bloggers like to blog for themselves or to have something to look back to. Some bloggers also want to share their invaluable experiences with others. And I want to be that kind of blogger - someone who shares what she has gone through along the way. 

Knowledge and skills can be gained and acquired but experiences are indispensable. Experiences are what will help you survive ultimately in whatever field you choose in your life. With this, I decided to create categories that will also benefit my readers such as Snap Talk - a compilation of all my experiences in photography (but less about the technical side of it), and Travel Talk - a compilation of my travel diaries and adventures (but more on the experiences because I don't write travel guides). 


If you're planning to create a photo blog or considering to shift to a photo blog, then just go for it. You'll never know what happens unless you try! 

“The photograph is completely abstracted from life, yet it looks like life. That is what has always excited me about photography.” – Richard Kalvar

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