10 Dream Photography Destinations: A Girl Can Dream, Right?

*Photo credit: Alif Korsem

I'm a fan of photographing the wonderful things that you can see in your neighborhood, nearby towns, or anywhere near you. Most of the time, I tell myself that I don't really have to go far to take interesting photos which I think is true. But as someone who loves adventures, I'm always itching to see something new. Something outside of my comfort zone!

Everybody can dream. It's free. It's just up to you (or maybe your life circumstances?) to make your dreams come true. I've mentioned on my previous post about photography struggles that I'm more inspired to take photos when I'm outdoors. That's when I really see myself in action. 

I dream of going to several places in Cebu and around the country to experience life, landscapes, and culture, and document them through photos and videos. But I also dream of going to places outside the country and see how different yet interconnected we all are in this world. 

As to when those dreams will materialize is still beyond me so as of now, I'm letting you in on my ten dream photography destinations! After all, a girl can dream right? ;) 

1) Batanes, Philippines

Of all the places in my country, my ultimate dream is to go to Batanes but everybody knows it's expensive. A round trip ticket to Taiwan, Singapore, or Hongkong is even cheaper. Batanes is the northernmost and smallest (population & land area) province in the Philippines. It's far and only has a few flights with only two airlines every week. 

It's known for its picturesque rolling hills and mountains, undisturbed islands, and beautiful landscapes facing the Pacific Ocean, and as I remember from the news -- the province with zero crime rate. 

I can't find a stock photo of Batanes so good thing I remember that my tech blogger friend Ian of Pinoy Metro Geek went to Batanes for a photo challenge! Aahhhh, he just lived my dream! 

Below is just one of the many wonderful photos he took using his mobile phone (Zenfone 3) - the breathtaking view in Vayang Rolling Hills! More of his Batanes photos here

Batanes, Philippines

2.  Machu Picchu, Peru

My growing interest with Machu Picchu came from the movie Monte Carlo starring Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy. I believe it was the last part of the movie when Meg (Leighton) went to Machu Picchu and from then on, I kept looking forward to the day I can visit it. Plus point: no visa needed to Peru but heck I need to save up for the fare and everything else. 

*Photo credit: Scott Umstattd 

3. Atacama Desert, Chile

This place is amazing! I think what triggered me were the photos posted by Anne Curtis and Erwan Heusaff on Instagram. ;) 

*Photo credit: Monica Volpin

4. Central Park, New York

Not just because of Gossip Girl, lol. But also because I think there's so much human interest in this huge park. I want to see that first-hand and photograph them.

 *Photo credit: Emanuel Hahn

5. Cherry Blossoms, Japan 

Aren't they so pretty? For sure!! There are a lot of places to see the cherry blossoms but Japan is probably the nearest to me where I can see them in full glory. Besides, snow in Japan is terrific too; it can be a great photo challenge for me. 

 *Photo credit: Arno Smit

6. Great Wall, China

It has been my dream, ever. The Great Wall is massive and a wonder of the world. I hope to see it when there is no flock of tourists plus I probably need a drone. Is a drone allowed in China now though? Is this photo taken using a drone? 

 *Photo credit: Pixabay

7. Maldives Island

Seriously, I've got to see this island country. And need a drone, again.

 *Photo credit: Pixabay

8. Castles of Scotland

Anyone who fancy castles too? This photo just screams mysterious and classic!

 *Photo credit: Mary-Ann Alejandro

9. Northern Lights, Iceland

Or probably anywhere with northern lights but Iceland is still a dream - a very expensive dream. The northern lights are a show of splendor. Who doesn't want to photograph this goodness?

*Photo credit: Vincent Guth

10. Eiffel Tower, France

Eiffel Tower is iconic. It seems touristy. Paris seems to be but I think it's most people's dream to visit this romantic city, me included. 

*Photo credit: Pedro Kummel

And that's a wrap! Do you also have dream photography destinations? Let me know below. ;) 

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