1K-Peso Challenge: When Bloggers Are Offline For 24 Hours

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando

If you're like me who live and breathe online, it might be difficult to escape the digital world. My work revolves around web content and social media so it's natural that I spend most of my time online. But tell you what, I always try to find time to be offline especially during weekends.

It was a wish granted when our second 1K-Peso Travel Challenge involved camping in the woods without signal and internet connection. The camping part was, of course, planned but the "offline" part was not. Nonetheless, it was a welcome change to a group of bloggers that's apparently used to living the online life.

This month's challenge had a "cabin in the woods" kind-of theme at Bacalla Woods Campsite in San Fernando. Since I live down South, San Fernando is just a mere 30 minutes away from my house.

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando

Unlike our first challenge where only four of us joined, the second one had more "joiners". It brought us all to 12 people! How cool is that, haha! It was such a big jump from when we started.

Now here's the fun and exciting part, what would you do if you're offline for 24 hours in the woods? Here's our version. ;)

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando

1. Surround the table, talk, and watch the flying rooster (or was it a hen?) in awe.

We arrived at the campsite at around 4PM. Or at least half of us. Half of us were stranded about an hour or so away because their car overheated. And the best part was, our food for dinner was with them! Haha.

So while waiting (in vain), we sat and talked with one of the "locals" about their life in the woods. I think we've talked about almost everything under the sun, and that's without distraction from the online world.

Bacalla Woods campsite has an awesome community. When you stay there, you feel immediately at home because the hosts are so accommodating and warm. It's not hard to get along with them right away as they treat their guests as part of their community. 

We also watched in awe as a rooster (or a hen) or let's just call it a chicken flew all the way up to the highest branch of a tree. Such an inspiring move. If the chicken can aim high, so can we? Lol. But seriously, we were amazed!

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando

2. Take photos and videos.

This one's a given. When in a new place, you can expect anyone (especially bloggers) to take lots of photos and even videos. It's a known fact and something that will perhaps go on forever (even if you don't believe in forever). 

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando
*Love this photo of me from Rady Set Go

Bacalla Woods Campsite is not pretentious. What you see is what you get and I like that. Life is simple. There are trees around where you can put up hammocks. We didn't use hammocks though since we chose to sleep in our tents. Some of us chose to just.. sleep. Without tents. I mean outside and under the skies.

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando

You also have a beautiful view of the mountains and trees around. Fresh air - my favorite! You can photograph and video everything you fancy, but maybe except the fresh air? ;)

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando

3. Cook. Then boodle fight!

Our "stranded" friends arrived at around 7PM when we were all hungry but we still needed to cook. Good thing we had some amazing help. We kept ourselves busy trying to look for things to do and help with. It resulted to a gazillion slices of cucumber that were left barely touched. Some of us got pretty excited with slicing so there's that. Haha. I did snack on the cucumbers!

Boodle fight was a great idea! We all had our fill and it was a fun way to get together over dinner. There was no Instagram but we still took food photos first, lol. #BloggerDuties

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando

4. GTKY - Getting To Know You.. plus Card Games

After dinner, we regrouped. It was GTKY time although it's a bit weird introducing myself again to a group of people who probably already know at least the basics about me (haha). I also already know all of them and can decently introduce them myself. But I don't mind knowing more and learning a new thing or two about the people I was with so...

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando
*We didn't really use this couch but it would have been a nice chair to sit on while talking. Lol

There were standard questions like name, work/job, interests, when we first had internet access, and our first ever email address. Do you still remember yours? :D

And there's this:

R: How many boyfriends have you had?
C: Online or offline?

.. In which we were all taken aback and used that answer as a punchline throughout the entire night. Haha.

We also played a few rounds of cards where I emerged victorious (I think). Haha.

5. Bonfire and pretend s'mores

Bonfire was a must! Not just for mosquitoes (lol) but also for the next round of talks. We had marshmallows but we didn't have sticks or skewers, so we just passed the bag of mallows around and ate.

When you're in the woods, you get to talk about adulting and life. We spent the rest of the night tracing the history of our blogging community until I got so sleepy. I think they moved on to talk about investments and other serious stuff.

All I knew was that I slept at around 1 or 2AM which was way ahead of my usual sleeping time of 4 or 5AM. Hurray!

Bacalla Woods Campsite, San Fernando

6. Head to the "nearby" waterfalls through the road less traveled

It was Sunday morning when we were set to trek to a "nearby" waterfalls. If you noticed, our entire camping experience was devoid of alcohol and intoxication. I guess it's better that way because if we had a few drinks the night before, it would be hard for us to wake up early for our trek. 

The thing with living in the province is that when they say a place is just near, it's actually not. Haha. We were told that the waterfalls we were heading could be reached in an hour, but it actually took us 2.5 hours of walking through plains, highways, mountains, bushes, and muddy grounds with ascending and descending trails.

Bugho Falls, San Fernando, Cebu

Bugho Falls, San Fernando, Cebu

Bugho Falls, San Fernando, Cebu

It was exhausting but tolerable. It was tiring but super fun! I think I lost count of how many times I said "we were almost there" but was still really far from our destination. Haha.

Bugho Falls, San Fernando, Cebu

Bugho Falls, San Fernando, Cebu

Bugho Falls, San Fernando, Cebu

Reaching Bugho Falls was bliss! The cold water was enough to relax my weary feet. Whew!

Bugho Falls, San Fernando, Cebu

Bugho Falls, San Fernando, Cebu

Bugho Falls, San Fernando, Cebu

We went back to the campsite through a hired motorcycle and reached it in 15 minutes!!! We indeed took the road less traveled upon going to the falls. But we didn't mind because it was a huge part of our adventure.

We reached San Fernando town proper at around 4PM and then we had our signal back! It's back to reality - happy to achieve our second 1K-Peso Travel Challenge! 

Watch the video of our Day 1 below. Please also like and subscribe to my YouTube channel when you can, thanks! It's YouTube.com/ReaAlducente07. ♥


Since this is also a budget challenge, I'm going to outline the expenses to prove it's really 1K. ;) 
By the way, we will have another challenge next month. Yey! 

Transportation (per pax):

Php 15 – Jeepney from my house to San Fernando

Php 80 – Motorcyle from San Fernando town proper to Bacalla Woods (Php 40 per pax but I rode alone so I had to pay for two)

Php 50 – Motorcycle from Bugho Falls back to Bacalla Woods

Php 40 – Motorcycle from Bacalla Woods to San Fernando town proper

Php 14 – Jeepney from San Fernando to my house

Food (my expenses were different from the rest):

Php 102 – Snacks/baon

Php 187 - food for Saturday's dinner (we divided the expenses among 12 people) 

Other Fees (per pax) 

Php 150 – Overnight Fee at Bacalla Woods

Php 50 - Guide Fee (going to Bugho Falls, but entrance to Bugho is free) 

TOTAL: Php 688 (for me) or just a little more if you're coming from Cebu City 

Challenge Achieved! 

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