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Preview App

If you're an Instagram-obsessed human being like me, chances are you've deleted so many photos from your Instagram account just to keep up with a certain theme you like. Instagram used to be just snap, add filter, and post. But through the years, it has evolved into something more creative, although each person still has his or her own preference when handling Instagram photos. 

I used to maintain only one account but since I post press release photos sometimes (required for my blogging life), it tends to ruin the cohesive look of my feed. I'm very OC with a lot of things and Instagram is no exception. So I created another Instagram account for my blog - @blissfulsnapshots. 

I've spent so many days pondering what kind of theme or feel I want for my feed. Should I go for minimalist? White and bright? Pastel-ish or what? It wasn't easy to decide! In fact, it's overwhelming. I've searched for so many inspirations online. There are ones that I really love but are just not convenient for me to do because of lack of resources. 

I decided to stick with what I usually take photos of -- which are my adventures! With this, even though I originally wanted a white and bright feed, it's kind of not encompassing for me because I also take photos of sunrises and sunsets which are obviously not white and bright. Right now, I'm trying to maintain a pastel/colorful feed. ;)  

News Flash: To create a feed with cohesive and consistent look, you don't necessarily have to have the same colors all throughout, and not even necessary to use exactly the same filter for all photos. One filter may not look as good in other photos so there's also a need to change it up a little bit. As long as the colors and tones complement or even create a wonderful contrast, then you'll have an aesthetically pleasing feed to look at. 

I've used Snapseed and VSCO to edit my photos, now I mostly use Lightroom but the thing is once you upload photos on Instagram, you cannot rearrange them anymore. Enter Preview App! I discovered it while browsing through some photo apps in Google Play (it has good ratings and great reviews) and I must say it's heaven-sent! You guys this is #notsponsored. 

Preview App

My favorite Preview feature (that's not on Snapseed & VSCO) is the ability to move photos around so that you can see how your feed looks before you actually upload your photos on Instagram. This way, you never have to delete when you feel like something's off because you've already planned your feed ahead. There are probably other apps like this but this is by far my favorite. 

Some features of this App are: 

  • Photo editing tool with borders, meme makers, and stickers
  • Drag, Drop, Swap to rearrange your photos 
  • Schedule photos and videos (no auto-posting as it is against Instagram's policy) 
  • Create your own hashtag lists and groups so you don't have to copy and paste
  • Installing the app is completely free of charge
  • Comes with lots of unique filter packs and presets (some are for a minimal fee but the free ones are just as amazing!)

I usually plan my feed by nine - nine photos at a time. Since I always share photos of  my outdoor travels and adventures, I decided to have that kind of theme. So you can expect lots of greens, blues, pinks, and some whites on my feed and I space them out so that the photos don't look too crowded when viewed (expert tip from Preview!). 

Right now, I am working on growing my @blissfulsnapshots Instagram account organically. People will follow if they want to and not because I bought followers who are just bots in the Instagram world. 

I have to say that Preview App helped me fix my feed! Hurray to that! And just in case you're wondering why I'm giving so much fuss about my Instagram feed, it's because it's an extension of my blog too and it's where I can express my creativity and the photos I love. Bonus: I can get some people to visit and read my blog through Instagram. 

Preview App

Also, Instagram is like a visual diary that I can always look back to anytime - unless Instagram decides to shut down (err, I hope that doesn't happen though, lol!). 

But man, don't be too obsessed that you lose sleep over planning your Instagram, haha, although I did lose some sleep TBH! It's easier now though since I get the hang of using Preview for quite some time now. It's really simple and convenient. 

If you're not convinced yet, download the app now. And read their expert Instagram tips too. You'll get addicted and don't say I didn't warn you! Enjoy and happy Instagramming!

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