Western Australia: Your Next Ideal Destination

western australia

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. Featured photo is of Rottnest Island in Western Australia, from Pixabay

Now that 2017 is well and truly upon us, there's never been a better time to start planning your next adventure abroad. Due to work and general life commitments, a lot of people can only manage a few weekends away every year, and some of us even prefer to holiday that way. 

But some of us are lucky enough to be in professions that enable us to take long, extended vacations, where we can spend a few weeks in a specific location or traveling. 

This is especially convenient for certain places where it simply isn't practical to do a mini-break. For these kinds of places, you need to have at least a couple of weeks at hand to truly experience everything there is to offer. One example of this kind of place is Western Australia; one of the largest states in the world. 

Western Australia makes up around a third of the country's total land mass, and boasts one of the most diverse arrays of flora, fauna and wildlife there is. It is also home to a very diverse climate and has something to please everyone. So whether you're a city lover or an outback rambler, you are unlikely to be bored on your trip to this beautiful state. 

Here are our picks of the top things to see and do whilst you're there. 

western australia
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The relaxation vacation 

Isn't it nice to simply get away from it all sometimes? Daily stresses of work and family life can easily get on top of us all, meaning we go through life in a constant haze of worry and doubt. Taking a vacation is a great way to reconnect with yourself and rid your mind of these types of blues. 

One thing to be said is that there aren't many better places to do so than in Western Australia! That said, it's a pretty big state - around the entire size of Western Europe, in fact. So it can  be helpful if you know where to go before you begin your trip. T

he town of Yallingup, nestled on a ridge near to a National Park, is the perfect place to go in order to relax and rejuvenate. It boasts white sandy beaches and spectacular views of the Indian Ocean - little wonder, then, that Yallingup's awe-inspiring landscape has been the muse for many artists and photographers over the years. 

Why not take a dip in the crystal clear lagoon at Yallingup Beach and then finish off the day trying some of the fine wines that the region has to offer? After such a hard day (or not!) you will want to retire to a comfy bed - luckily, there are plenty of luxury accommodations in Yallingup to ensure you have a restful night's sleep. 

western australia
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The adventure holiday 

If staying in one place isn't really your thing, satisfy your traveling toes with a trip to the outback. After all, is a vacation to Australia even worth it without seeing this beautiful landscape? The best way to see one of the world's last true natural beauties is by visiting the Kimberley. 

This region in Western Australia is an impressive three times bigger than England and is very remote. In fact, there are only around 40,000 people who inhabit this area full-time. For the Kimberley, it's all about its nature tourism. Go swimming in freshwater holes (just watch out for crocs!) and marvel at the glowing red canyons that make up the bulk of this area. You can take a road trip across the frontier, as going by car is the best way to see all the sights without getting too tired! 

western australia
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The city break 

If the words 'remote' and 'wilderness' don't really appeal to you, you may be better off spending your Western Australia visit in a more metropolitan environment. Thankfully, the region is home to a number of modern cities - including the area's capital, Perth. As you would expect in any capital city, Perth has an abundance of upmarket bars and restaurants, so you'll never be short of somewhere to go for a good night out. 

If you're not nursing a sore head after all that partying, it is definitely worth taking a trip to Swan Valley - the city's premium wine region. Here you can taste wine from over 40 vineyards, making your way through the region either by bike, car or by boat. Back to Perth city center, and it isn't all about ​cosmopolitan shopping malls and high rise buildings. 

The area of Fremantle is laden with history - winding streets and plenty of sea-faring pubs to grab a drink in. No matter what you taste in vacations is, Western Australia will definitely have something to suit you.

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