BeautyMNL Haul: 5 Travel Essentials For Your Beauty Kit

BeautyMNL shopping review

Let me just say this right off the bat. I love BeautyMNL! It truly lives up to being the Number 1 beauty destination in the Philippines. It's easy, convenient, and awesome. I used to be very stubborn because I'd always say that in-store shopping is always best. Eventually, I've learned to love the convenience of shopping online, and BeautyMNL is no exception.

This is why I was so thrilled when BeautyMNL handpicked me to try shopping on their website. Of course, I agreed! This isn't my first time to shop through their website. Last December, my trusty Nichido Red Lipstick broke and knowing that the only makeup that's consistent in my stash is a lipstick, I knew I had to get another one two. :)

I heard so much raves about Maybelline Lippies plus they had a sale back in December so I took advantage and got myself Maybelline's Color Sensational Creamy Matte in Touch of Spice, Creamy Matte Brown Nude Lipstick in Clay Crush, and Skin Genie's Lip and Cheek Stain Alive in Christmas Red.

*Wearing Maybelline's Touch of Spice here, love it! 

*And here too, it's really an everyday lipstick for me ;) 

From then on, I was sold. I'm definitely not a make-up junkie as everybody probably knows, but I do invest on the basics or the essentials for day to day life and most especially, when I'm traveling or out and about. Beauty isn't just about makeup; it's how you take care of yourself and your wellness too. 

During my last trip, the heaviest stuff in my backpack were probably my skincare essentials. I feel like I needed to look and feel pleasant and fresh before, during, and after my adventures. I believe it's important because you won't truly enjoy your trip when you feel uncomfortable. 

Here goes my 5 travel essentials that I shopped from BeautyMNL, which you can also add to your beauty kit. And since I love the great outdoors, I took these favorites out on a photo shoot in our front yard and had so much fun!

BeautyMNL Haul

I always bring a facial cleanser when traveling because I feel like I can't start the day comfortably or sleep well at night without cleaning my face. St. Ives is hands-down amazing. And without any exaggeration, it really does clean your face down to the core.

Every time I wash my face using this cleanser, I feel like I'm refreshed and completely clean. It's perfect for everyday cleansing so you can definitely use it after a day full of adventures. 

I know I can always use those free cleansers that hotels provide or I can always buy from a nearby store, but naahh ahh, I don't, lol. I really have to bring my own when I travel.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Cleanser

You can say that I'm a fan of Maybelline and so there's no wonder I love their BB creams. I've used one before, then stopped because I got myself Dermcare's sunblock foundation. Since I'm running out now, I decided to get Maybelline's Super BB cream as it also comes with SPF 50.

I think it's obvious how skin care is very important. The bad effect/s of the harsh light of the sun may not take effect right away but it may take its toll on your skin as you age. Whenever I go out and wander the streets, I always consider putting on sun protection especially on my face.

Maybelline Super BB Cream

This BB cream is perfect for traveling because aside from sun protection, it also has mineral guard that protects your skin from pollution, dust, and dirt. It also evens out your skin tone without looking like you've just applied a heavy makeup. It looks natural. I got one in medium shade since it's closer to my skin color.

Since it's a small tube, you can definitely just put it inside your beauty kit. No excess baggage at all! ;)

My travel and adventures always include walking long distances, photo walking, commuting, and maybe even running. So apparently, I'd be sweaty after a few hours. Have you ever had that moment when you want to splash water to your face? Because it's soooo hot? I think I might have done that several times.

Bringing a facial mist is a life saver! You don't have to pour or splash water to your face while walking, haha! You can simple spray or spritz it onto your face and you'll get that cool and refreshing feeling in the middle of a hot summer day when you're feeling too sticky. The sweet, mild scent is a bonus!

Witch Hazel Facial Mist

I can say that the only things I usually have with me when traveling are sunblock (in a form of cream), pressed powder (always a given), and a lipstick or lip balm. I even ditch blush-on or cheek tint when traveling because they usually take some time to apply.

Bam Balm works as a lip moisturizer and lip scrub to me. I always have this around especially when the weather's too cold and my lips start to chap. I can just put it in my pocket and grab it conveniently when needed.

Bam Balm

I bet you know how one pesky pimple can ruin your day? Right? What more when you're traveling and you've got lots of photo sesh and selfies going on? A pimple patch is a must have especially if you're like me. I always predict one or two little pimples popping out when I'm about to have my red day. Eeeppp. Hormones!

I tell you #PimplesAreForever and I guess even with the best skin care, sometimes there will really be zits and breakouts we can't stop. So sad that it's a normal part of life, lol! But this works for spot corrections only. It's not a magic patch for recurring acne trouble so best to see a dermatologist if that's your case.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

And there you have it! Those are 5 of my favorite essentials that you may want to add to your beauty kit too, especially when traveling or going out on adventures.

Shopping via BeautyMNL is just a breeze and easy peasy. I like that they give you an idea of what to expect about the product, the brand, as well as an idea on how to use it, plus there are so many helpful reviews too.

BeautyMNL shopping

Since I'm shopping online, reading honest reviews from certified buyers is crucial to me because I don't like regretting what I purchase or worse, returning it because it's such a hassle. You can just hop on to their Reviews or Beauty by You section (also available when you're browsing the product itself) to help you decide if the product is good for you.

BeautyMNL shopping

Another thing that helped me in deciding which to buy and try is the award that's shown along with the photo of the product. This way I'd know that a lot of people love this product too.

BeautyMNL shopping

BeautyMNL even has its own in-house magazine called Bloom where you can read expert beauty, makeup, and skincare tips for your daily needs. I find this really helpful because when I was deciding which shade of Maybelline lipstick to buy, I read this article from them, 6 Brownish Matte Lipsticks That Are Perfect for Filipinas and that's where I found out that Touch of Spice & Clay Crush are best for me. ;)

BeautyMNL shopping

You don't have to worry about shipping too because they guarantee next day delivery to Metro Manila addresses and 5 to 7 working days for the rest of the Philippines. But since I live in Cebu, I'm not eligible for next day delivery but I still received my package in a reasonable time period which is 5 working days.

They will also email to confirm your purchases and to update you with the status of the delivery. Plus I really love the "welcome remarks" on their email. ♥ 

You're awesome just the way you are, 
but a little beauty magic never hurt anyone (especially on bad hair days). 

Isn't this so true? 

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