10 Stunning Cebu Destinations for Every Shutterbug & Adventurer

osmeña peak, cebu
*Osmeña Peak

Cebu has become my third home (next to GenSan & Davao). Its province and its city are equally rich in picture-perfect attractions that will leave every photographer and shutterbug wanting for more photo sessions. With my 7 years of residence in Cebu, I still haven't been to many places. But I'm slowly making my way to checking off some.

Every photo and every shoot means something for each photographer. For me, it's like freezing a moment you can never get back. It's like creating a visual diary of adventures and experiences. It's a lifetime documentation of bliss and bloopers! 

Since I haven't visited all places in Cebu yet, I asked a few awesome bloggers to show us some picture-perfect destinations so you all have an idea where to go next, you know, when you decide to visit me or bring me to one of your adventures! 

PS: A few spontaneous trips are lovely, but I'd appreciate at least 1 week notice, haha! Because, family first. ;) 

Now here are some stunning destinations in Cebu that you will surely love. Like you will, really. Just let the photographs tell you. 

*All words and photos are from each respective blogger (as stated below). 

1. La Vie Parisienne 

The new look extends to the Parisian arched windows that give a peek to a world beyond the glass and onto the green turf ahead. Along with a dim gentleman theme, the interior is given a new character complete with furry lounge seats, leather sofas, and mismatched tables.

la vie parisienne, cebu

Outside, La Vie has added teepee tents and bean bags for lounging around the green turf. The stunning pink Cherry Blossom lights are still around. 

la vie parisienne, cebu

Words & photos from Trixie of Good Food Trips. Read full post here: Check Out The Beautiful New Look Of La Vie Parisienne Cebu

2. Mt. Mauyog

WOW! I was really mesmerized by the rock formation and the view of the peak. The brain-like rocks are simply breathtaking!

mt. mauyog, cebu
mt. mauyog, cebu

Words and photos from John of Four-Eyed Laagan. Read full post here: Mauyog, Rocky Mountain and Sandy Waterfalls

3. Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills has to be one of my favorite spots. Its bold hues, intricate details, manicured gardens, and oriental feel makes it hard to take bad photos. It's high up in the mountains too so the breeze is always cooler.

taoist temple, cebu
taoist temple, cebu

Words and photos from Anne of Anne's Scribbles & Doodles. Read full post here: Cebu Taoist Temple

4. Basdaku, Moalboal

If you have visited Basdaku in Moalboal in the past, I am pretty sure that you would agree if I say that this is definitely one of the best beaches that you can find in Cebu. Why else would people flock to this area?

Such a beautiful sight! White sand, pristine waters and the warm briny air. I live for days like this.

basdaku, moalboal
basdaku, moalboal

The rest of the morning was spent snorkeling around Pescador Island where the underwater world was just awesome. 

pescador island

Words and photos from Jhanis (and the husband) of The Cebu Gazette. Read full post here: Basdaku, Moalboal - One of the Best Beaches in Cebu

5. Dau Falls, Samboan 

Chasing waterfalls seems to be the most sought-after jaunt this summer. If you are in the Philippines, you surely would not want to miss visiting a waterfall or two out of the overwhelming number of choices you have.

dau falls, samboan

Words and photos from Nympha of Travelsome Chic. Read full post here: Dau Falls, Samboan, Cebu

6.  Hermit's Cove 

What I love the most is that it is truly hidden away from the road. After several minutes in the car, I was already asking myself, ‘Where is this friggin’ beach located?’

hermit's cove, aloguinsan, cebu

But the rocky trip is worth it once you arrive. Hermit’s Cove is truly a hidden jewel. Growing up in a country with hundreds of stunning beaches, it should not have been a surprise that a beautiful beach like this is located in my home island. What can I say? The universe never fails to surprise me.

hermit's cove, aloguinsan, cebu

Words and photos from Hanna of Laagan Nga Bata. Read full post here: Hermit's Cove: Capturing the Hidden Beauty of Aloguinsan 

7.  Cebu Yacht Club & Cansaga Bay Bridge

When you live in a metropolis, you get to miss the glimmer of the stars. We get to see the haze instead. Although if you get to look a little closer, the city lights can be another shimmering sparkle that we can be in awe with.  

With Cebu’s growing structures, we can get the best city lights there are if we just pick the right location.

cebu yacht club
cansaga bridge bay, cebu

Words and photos from Kris of Kris Wanders. Read full post here: Wandering Tableau: Best Locations to Capture Cebu At Night

8. Camotes Island 

Camotes Island is packed with sparkling sandy beaches, mysterious falls and enchanting caves. Aside from being one of the top tourist destinations in Cebu, experiencing the sights and sounds with the locals are one thing to consider also as the island is historically rich.

lake danao, camotes
santiago beach, camotes island

If you are planning to spend a memorable vacation with your loved ones or friends, Camotes Island is the place to be.

santiago bay garden, camotes island

Words and photos from Herbert of Drift Stories. Read full post here: Majestic Camotes Island: A Hideaway Haven

9. Bantayan Island 

Bantayan Island is usually underrated for some in terms of its beaches and other activities but for serene-loving adventurers and beach lovers, the place is a solitude and a safe haven full of serenity and tranquility.

bantayan island, cebu

Bantayan Island is really a good place for sun worshipers. The sunrise will keep ones pulsing heart to swell with joy as the waves gently cascade onto the shore like an ancient alchemy of purr-and-pound. When the sun starts to rise and the rays start to uncoil, it is like an old vellum parchment unrolling in front of your naked eye.  

bantayan sunrise

Words and photos from AJ of Wandering Soul Scamper. Read full post here: Bantayan Island: Where Serenity Overflows

10. Sumilon Island 

It was a different feeling exploring the whole place like your own. In fact, this post is my shortest one in terms of words. The truth is, I run out of words to describe this God's creation. But, I'll make sure you will enjoy all my photos.

bluewater sumilon

Experience a day or more at Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort through their eye widening and breathtaking sceneries. 

bluewater sumilon

Words and photos from Christy of Talk About Cebu. Read full post here: A Hot and Fabulous Day At Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort

As you see, most of the destinations include beaches, waterfalls, with sunrises and sunsets. Like they say, there's probably more water than land in Cebu! The mountains are very diverse too! And for sure, when you come over here and visit, there's a place that will become your immediate favorite. 

Which one do you think will you include in your travel bucketlist? ♥

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